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Avid Media Composer 6.5.2

Avid Media Composer 6.5.2 | 1.63 Gb

Professional editors and producers like you around the world have told us what you need to succeed. More efficient and easy-to-use video editing tools. An open platform that enables you to work with everything you want and integrate into any workflow. More power to eliminate bottlenecks, so you can work faster than ever. We listened. We took notes. We made it happen. Introducing Media Composer 6Чthe fastest, most versatile tool for professional video editing.

Start Menu 7 Pro 3.67

WinApp | Start Menu 7 Pro 3.67 | 6.99 MB

The Girl on the Magazine Cover: The Origins of Visual Stereotypes in American Mass Media

The Girl on the Magazine Cover: The Origins of Visual Stereotypes in American Mass Media
Publisher: The University of North Carolina Press | English | October 31, 2000 | ISBN: 0807826537 | PDF | 272 pages | 9.3Mb

It seems that each time the American woman begins to veer toward feminism, mainstream magazines put her back in her proper place, portraying her as wife, mother, and consumer. Kitch (journalism, Temple Univ.) traces the early development of this trend, beginning in the 1890s with Alice Barber Stephens s American Woman series and ending 30 years later with the ideal families depicted by Norman Rockwell and Jessie Willcox Smith. In between, she considers such influential icons as the flapper, the vamp, the nurse, the girl graduate, and Charles Dana Gibson s eponymous representation of womanhood, who is tellingly called a girl, not a woman.

jQuery UI Cookbook
jQuery UI Cookbook
Packt Publishing (July 2013) | ISBN: 1782162186 | PDF + EPUB | 290 pages | 3.1 MB

jQuery UI is the quintessential framework for creating professional user interfaces. While jQuery core lays the foundation for interaction with the DOM and handling events, jQuery UI fills in the user interaction gap. This book will give you a huge productivity boost out of the box with jQuery UI, and help you understand the framework, inside and out.

AppDev Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Training Collection CD1 (20 CDs)

AppDev Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Training Collection CD1 (20 CDs)

Premium Booster
Premium Booster | 4.34 MB

Premium Booster will take care of your Windows erasing any remaining doubts whether your system performs at its best!It will optimize and compact your registry, cleaning it from trash. Program also provides you with the means to filter out malicious records which will make your Windows more stable than ever before. At first Premium Booster will scan your PC for known errors to see if there's a problem. Then it will search for solutions which will allow to correct found problems. The program has a really friendly interface and allows you to fix all errors within 1 mouse click.

Codejock Xtreme Suite Pro ActiveX v13.4.0

Codejock Xtreme Suite Pro ActiveX v13.4.0 | 34.4 MB

Xtreme ToolkitPro 2009 combines our most popular Visual C++ MFC components, Xtreme Calendar, Xtreme CommandBars, Xtreme Controls, Xtreme DockingPane, Xtreme PropertyGrid, Xtreme ReportControl, Xtreme ShortcutBar, Xtreme Syntax Edit, Xtreme SkinFramework and Xtreme TaskPanel into one easy to use package.

SuperRam is a program that will allow you to optimally maintain and manage your systems memory. SuperRam makes no modifications to your hardware and all adjustments and settings are done in an easy to use interface that even a child could use.

Beginning SQL Server Modeling: Model-Driven Application Development in SQL Server 2008
Beginning SQL Server Modeling: Model-Driven Application Development in SQL Server 2008
Publisher: Apress | July, 2010 | English | ISBN-10: 1430227516 | ISBN-13: 978-1430227519 | 256 pages | PDF |10 Mb

et ready for model-driven application development with SQL Server Modeling! This book covers MicrosoftТs SQL Server Modeling (formerly known under the code name УOsloФ) in detail and contains the information you need to be successful with designing and implementing workflow modeling.

Beginning SQL Server Modeling will help you gain a comprehensive understanding of how to apply DSLs and other modeling components in the development of SQL Server implementations. Most importantly, after reading the book and working through the examples, you will have considerable experience using SQL Modeling components, because the book and accompanying source code take you through the steps of actually building solutions using the platform.

Beginning SQL Server Modeling is the only book that comprehensively covers .NET application development using SQL Modeling. This book explains the critical concepts of SQL Server Modeling and model-driven development that every SQL Server developer should know. The book is simple and concise, giving readers an immediate return on their investment. After learning the lessons of this book, business process analysts and developers will be prepared to use SQL modeling for model-based design, development, and implementations.

IDM UEStudio

IDM UEStudio | 37.8 Mb

UEStudio includes all the features of UltraEdit plus native support for over 30 popular compilers (including Microsoft Visual C++, Java, GNU C/C++, PHP, Perl and over 30 others), an integrated debugger, integrated VCS version control, built-in class browsing, language intelligence (like Intellisense), project converter, and a batch builder... to name just a few of its advanced features. A significant element of a powerful IDE is a programmer's editor or code editor. It serves as the core foundation of any IDE. UEStudio is built on the chassis of the renowned UltraEdit. As such, the program's backbone is highly seasoned, stable, and already proven as the defacto standard of text and programmer's editors.

XYplorer 12.20.0400 Portable

XYplorer 12.20.0400 Portable | 2.7 Mb

XYplorer is an Advanced File System Explorer targeting everybody who is looking for a real alternative to the Windows Explorer. It has the following features: Created Date, Last Accessed Date and Attributes are shown right in the file list. Extended file find supporting NT-only features, and including binary string search. Multiple location search (find files in all selected directories). Generates various sorts of file system reports (to clipboard, file, and printer -- we're talking about one-click directory print-outs here). Export extended file informations of whole directories (or even directory trees) to CSV-formatted files. [new in 3.21] Column Width Auto-Adjustment.

Actual Multiple Monitors 8.0.3
Actual Multiple Monitors 8.0.3 | 11 MB

Actual Multiple Monitors is the comprehensive solution to improve the functionality of MS Windows user interface for comfortable and effective work with multi-monitor configurations. The smart app emulates standard Windows services on secondary monitors, and offers new window management services to free you from routine clicking and let you concentrate on your work undisturbed. Powerful yet easy-to-use, Actual Multiple Monitors emulates the original Windows Taskbar on the secondary displays, allowing you to manage windows in your usual manner. Such Taskbar can work in the individual mode, displaying only the tasks running on the same monitor, or in the mirror mode, displaying all the tasks running on all monitors in your setup.

Might And Magic: Clash Of Heroes v + 1 DLC (2011/Multi8/Repack from by Fenixx) updated 26/10/2011

Might And Magic: Clash Of Heroes v + 1 DLC (2011/Multi8/Repack from by Fenixx) updated 26/10/2011
Year:2011 | PC Game | Developer: Capybara Games | Publisher: Ubisoft Entertainment | 1.51 GB
Language: Russian, Angliysky, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Czech, Polish
Genre: Strategy (Turn-based) / Logic (Puzzle)

History of Might & Magic Clash of Heroes begins 40 years before the events of Heroes V. Scattered in different corners of the five Ashana, five characters must make a perilous journey full, become stronger, to reveal a conspiracy of demons, and ultimately save the world from Chaos.

WinMTR v0.92 Portable
WinMTR 0.92 Portable | 4.01 Mb

WinMTR is a visual network diagnostic tool combining the functionality of tracert and ping. This release updates WinMTR to the latest version.

Picasa Portable Multilang

Windows Software | Picasa | 10,5 M

Picasa is software that helps you instantly find, edit and share all the pictures on your PC. Every time you open Picasa, it automatically locates all your pictures (even ones you forgot you had) and sorts them into visual albums organized by date with folder names you will recognize. You can drag and drop to arrange your albums and make labels to create new groups.

Oddsac 2010 DVDRip XviD-FiCO

Oddsac 2010 DVDRip XviD-FiCO

Apple Motion v5.0.5 Mac OS X
Apple Motion v5.0.5 Mac OS X | 1.02 GB

Motion is a software application produced by Apple Inc. for their Mac OS X operating system. It is used to create and edit motion graphics, titling for video and film production, and 2D and 3D compositing for visual effects. The Motion interface has been redesigned specifically for Final Cut Pro editors, with a familiar look and feel that makes it easy to switch between the two applications. A new single-window layout puts all the tools you need at your fingertips, and redesigned icons make it easy to identify options at glance. The darker look of the new interface is designed to enhance color perception as you work with any combination of video, stills, and motion graphic elements. Many filters now include onscreen controls for direct, intuitive manipulation of effects. And keyframe editing is much more accessible thanks to a new view that displays the Keyframe editor below the timeline.

VMware Workstation 7.1 Build 261024 Final with VMware Tools (07.2010)

VMware Workstation 7.1 Build 261024 Final with VMware Tools (07.2010) | 1.18 GB

Kaleidoscope 2.1.0 (Mac OS X)
Kaleidoscope 2.1.0 [MAS] [Ked] | 45 MB

Spot the differences. Merge in seconds.
With text merge, three-way merge, folder comparison, and now the ability to ignore whitespace-only differences, Kaleidoscope integrates perfectly with the version-control systems you already use.

Mixxx v1.7.2 Portable

Mixxx v1.7.2 Portable | 13 MB

CursorFX 2.0 Plus 150 Themes Ц Create Incredibly Cool Mouse Cursors

CursorFX 2.0 Plus 150 Themes - Create Incredibly Cool Mouse Cursors

Stardock CursorFX is a program that lets you use and create incredibly cool looking Windows mouse cursors. It does this by taking advantage of the new visual effects features of Windows XP and Windows Vista.

Xcode 4.1 Final for OS X Lion
Xcode 4.1 Final for OS X Lion | 4.51 GB

Apple Xcode 4.1 final for OS X Lion. Xcode is as a complete, full-featured IDE built around a smooth workflow that integrates the editing of source code, with the build and compile steps, through to a graphical debugging experience - all without leaving the view of your source code. The IDE does more than these traditional tasks, however. With the advent of the iOS SDK, Xcode can now manage all your testing devices, automatically packaging iPhone apps with the proper certificates, and installing apps on the iPhone itself. The remote debugger connects to the device in real-time, managing breakpoints as the app is controlled on the device.

Autodesk Mudbox 2012 Subscription Advantage Pack WIN64
Autodesk Mudbox 2012 Subscription Advantage Pack WIN64 | 428 MB

The Autodesk Subscription Advantage Pack for Autodesk Mudbox 2012 software delivers powerful new tools that help solidify its position as an industry-leading 3D paint and sculpting solution.

Atmel AVR Studio 5.0b [2011]

Atmel AVR Studio 5.0b [2011] | 11,94 Gb

AVR32 Studio an integrated development environment that provides a familiar interface for creating, compiling, and debugging projects for AVR32 uC3 32-bit microcontrollers from Atmel. To create projects in AVR32 Studio is a project manager, providing a visual change in the project settings, change the composition of its files included code editor with advanced system software syntax. Compiling and Debugging the project by calling the relevant tools GNU Toolchain, and in the medium AVR32 Studio provides controls debugging and viewer resources, debugging of the crystal. In the help file AVR32 Studio contains detailed documentation on all features of this IDE.

Razor2: Hidden Skies (PC/2010)

Razor2: Hidden Skies (PC/2010/ENG)
English | PC | Developer/Publisher: Invent4 Entertainmen | 169 Mb
Style: Arcade (Shoot"em up)

Razor2: Hidden Skies is a top view shooter. The game has the style of successful classic arcade games, while using the latest technology to create great visuals and effects. An old-school game with all new technology. Razor2 has easy gameplay, while challenging your skills with hundreds of enemies and bullets threatening you all the time. The soundtrack is another great feature, Razor2 uses classic orchestrated music, composed especially for the game.
Space shooter - with hundreds of surge of boat waves of enemies, huge bosses and other immortal genre attributes.
Razor2: Hidden Skies is a shooter with a view from the top. Playing in the style of classic arcade games, using the latest technology to create stunning visual effects. Playing old school with all new technologies. Razor2 has simple gameplay, while the complex skills of your enemies all the time threatening you with hundreds of bullets. The soundtrack is another great feature, Razor2 uses classical music, created specifically for the game.