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cmiVFX Cinema4D - Cloth Systems (2008/ENG)

cmiVFX Cinema4D - Cloth Systems (2008/ENG) | RAR 4.7 Gb

This is for everyone that wants to go beyond the usual Cloth applications! Create outstanding Soft Body simulations and Extreme Rig enhancements.

Portable Passware Password Recovery Kit Enterprise v9.7.1665.0

Portable Passware Password Recovery Kit Enterprise v9.7.1665.0 | 42,2 Mb

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3.0 Build 677000 Portable

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3.0 Build 677000 Portable | 76.63 MB

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3 software helps you bring out the best in your photographs, whether you're perfecting one image, searching for ten, processing hundreds, or organizing thousands.

Adobe InCopy CS5 7.0.2
Adobe InCopy CS5 7.0.2 | 578.41 MB

Philippine Tatler - May 2013
Philippine Tatler - May 2013
English | 276 pages | True PDF | 75.00 Mb

Philippine Tatler brings a powerful creative charm in its annual art issue featuring the beautiful painter Marivic Rufino on the colourful cover. A legendary lead story on the countrys pioneers in the field of art, showcasing true innovators and representatives in their own craft, shines in this issue. As fashion plays a huge role in the industry, we highlight au courant visual imageries such as The Secret Garden for accessories and In The Loop for the seasons spectacular clothing trends. Expect in-depth and excellent stories on the Philippines culture and national artefacts, too.
Every month, Philippine Tatler takes you behind the scenes and reveals the fascinating lives and stories of influential people in business, cultural, social and sporting life of the Philippines.

Netsupport School Professional v10.50.3

Netsupport School Professional v10.50.3 | 23 Mb

NetSupport School teachers and instructors can enhance learning in the classroom, centrally instructing their Students on their PC, focus their attention by controlling the use of applications and the Internet, and save time by quickly polling the class and showing instant rezultaty.Prepodavateli can also record all screen, the keyboard and mouse on a student workstation to review later or to scroll through the data for the whole class.

Microvideosoft Micro Video Capture

Microvideosoft Micro Video Capture | 6.45 Mb

Rage 2011 ENG RePack by Dumu4
Rage 2011 ENG RePack by Dumu4 | 17.1 GB
Genre: Action (Shooter) | Platform: PC | Language: English

Game description: When humanity was threatened with destruction from the collision of Earth with a giant asteroid, the leaders of all nations agreed to set up a special ark, in which elected would have found refuge deep beneath the surface of the planet ... They have to revive life on Earth, after the danger has passed. You got a favorite. Years after the disaster arks were opened, and you find yourself in a world that is very different from before. But most importantly - not all of its residents are looking forward to your return. You have to learn to fight and survive. Remember, time is very small - the bandits, mutants and even local government are already on your trail.

WPI BARS 1.1 | 6.88 GB

CorelDRAW Graphics  Suite  X5

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X5 | 574 MB

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X5 - universal package, which is a unified environment for creating illustrations and layouts, trace images, photo editing, development of web-graphics and animation. Appendix CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X5 for graphic design, enabling you to create impressive materials for visual communication, designed for both professional designers and amateurs. CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X5 provides a fast and intuitive workflow, high-quality digital content, the broadest compatibility with different file formats and tools of graphic design. Built-in learning tools, video tutorials, manuals allow you to quickly become familiar with the program and start working.
A simple search and organize files of CorelDRAW and Corel PHOTO-PAINT. Allows you to quickly find graphics, templates, fonts and images. Instant access to the material will save valuable time.
Lock the Toolbars. Prohibit the toolbars by their fixation at a certain position.
Customizable workspaces. Customize Toolbar command and position of buttons in accordance with the workflow.
Support for Windows 7 Touch. Navigation by touching the screen with support for the latest touch screen technology for Windows.
Bind the objects on the screen. Additional control the location and layout of graphics with the tool "Snap to objects".
Dynamic guides on the screen. A simple arrangement of objects from the first time using temporary rails.


Penthouse_2010 |600MB

Format : AVI

Format/Info : Audio Video Interleave

File size : 600 MiB

Duration : 1h 29mn

Overall bit rate : 1 089 Kbps

Writing application : VirtualDubMod (build 2540/release)

Writing library : VirtualDubMod build 2540/release

NI LabVIEW 2011 x86/x64, plus Toolkits and Device Drive (Update 14.10.2011)
NI LabVIEW 2011 x86/x64, plus Toolkits and Device Drive (Update 14.10.2011) | 16.92 GB

LabVIEW (short for Laboratory Virtual Instrumentation Engineering Workbench) is a platform and development environment for a visual programming language from National Instruments. The purpose of such programming is automating the usage of processing and measuring equipment in any laboratory setup

Macromedia Flash 8.0 (Portable)

Macromedia Flash 8.0 (Portable)

Visual Studio 6.0-9.0 & Library
Visual Studio 6.0-9.0 & Library | 44.31 GB

DivX Plus 8.1.2 Build

DivX Plus 8.1.2 Build | 44 MB

DivX is a digital video format that offers a high-quality viewing experience on any device or platform - from your PC to your phone to your living room TV. Over 100 million devices that support DivX video have shipped worldwide from major manufactures, including DVD players, gaming consoles, mobile phones and more. DivX gives you the power to watch, create and share high-quality videos on your Windows or Mac computer. DivX technology enables highly compressed video without compromising visual quality - so you can enjoy a cinematic experience on your computer, in your living room or wherever you go.

Visual Web Ripper 2.17.7 Portable | 17.2 Mb

Visual Web Ripper is a powerful visual tool used to easily extract content from web sites, such as product catalogues, classifieds, financial web sites or any other web site that contains information you may be interested in.
Visual Web Ripper harvests content from targeted web sites automatically and delivers the content as structured data in databases, spreadsheets, CSV files or as XML.

Netsupport School Professional v10.50.3

Netsupport School Professional v10.50.3 | 23 Mb

NetSupport School teachers and instructors can enhance learning in the classroom, centrally instructing their Students on their PC, focus their attention by controlling the use of applications and the Internet, and save time by quickly polling the class and showing instant rezultaty.Prepodavateli can also record all screen, the keyboard and mouse on a student workstation to review later or to scroll through the data for the whole class.

* Automatic login for all computers on the network (in class) in one step
* Display a sample of the screen or application class.
* Creates Autoplaying material on each computer for later viewing.
* Additional types of issues and staging evaluations.
* Create groups on the polls.
* Ability to customize the icons for groups and students.
* The total for the entire class browser
* Advanced Display Type

NetSupport School is a class leading training software solution, providing Teachers with the ability to instruct, monitor and interact with their Students either individually, as a pre-defined group or to the overall class.
Combining advanced classroom PC monitoring, real-time Presentation and Annotation tools, with an innovative customised Testing suite, Internet and Application control, real-time audio monitoring, automated Lesson Plans, Printer Management, Instant Messenger control, Content Monitoring and Desktop Security, this latest version of NetSupport School rises to the challenge and requirements of today's modern classroom.
The need for managing the use of technology in today's modern classrooms has never been greater. PC savvy students present several challenges to teachers who are required to maximise the benefits of computer led instruction, ensuring students are spending time on assigned tasks rather than allowing them to use the equipment as an extension of their social life!
NetSupport School helps teachers and trainers improve the efficiency of ICT teaching by centrally instructing students on their computer. Maintain student focus by monitoring application and web usage, track language lab audio activity, improve support through online help and chat requests and save time by automatically sending and collecting work files or quickly polling the class and showing instant results.
With educational budgets under increasing pressure, NetSupport School enables schools, colleges and training institutions to maximise the return from the IT infrastructure already in place. Find out why NetSupport School is consistently Top of its Class.

# Powerful Classroom Management - Power On / Off all computers, Remotely Log On / Off all computers in a single action, create custom classroom layouts and more.
# Student Register - Generate and store Student attendance records and prompt for custom information unique to your school.
# Interactive Lesson Plans - Pre-schedule activities and resources for the class, track lesson progress in real-time and share plans with other teachers.
# Student Instruction - Show the Teacher's Screen to all members of the class, or show a selected desktop (if the teacher uses multiple monitors) or even show just a selected application. Show a Recording of a previous remote control session to the class or broadcast a multimedia file (including sound). Unique to NetSupport School you can also leave a full recording of the presentation on each student desktop so they can review the presentation later.
# View Student Screens - Monitor the entire class or selected students. View using high quality scalable thumbnails of each PC, mouse over for larger zoom view or click for full 1:1 remote control.
# On Screen Annotation - Use a wealth of annotation and presenting tools to aid in your presentations and retain student focus.
# Application Metering and Control - Monitor all applications in use in the class, including those in the background, open and close applications remotely, record a full history of use for the lesson for every student. Use approved and restricted lists to control application availability.
# Internet Metering and Control - Offers the same level of control as Application Metering. Also provides granular website blocking, allowing access to certain pages at a selected URL but not access to the rest of the site. Works across browsers and also includes FTP blocking.
# Internet Co-Browse - Rather than simply showing your students a website, why not browse the site on your PC in the knowledge that the same site is being browsed on each student computer. As you scroll down a page, so do they. At any point the Teacher can provide access to the students so they can reference the pages presented themselves, safe in the knowledge they cannot go anywhere else.
# Group Chat, Messaging and Audio support, all under the control of the Teacher.
# Instant Surveys with visual results feedback to both Teacher and Students.
# Portable Tutor - No need to pre-install - carry the software on your memory stick and use when needed.
# Testing and Quiz module supporting real time tests and scoring, support for 8 different question types, examination grading levels, progress tracking and more.
# Wireless Support designed from the ground up, including mobile class lists.
# Teacher Toolbar-Remains accessible when the main application is minimised, providing quick access to key features when using an Interactive Whiteboard or other applications.
# Security - Complete multi-layered security throughout the product, including unique security keys, access control by licence, Active Directory support allowing policy-based controls that can limit which system users are able to run the NetSupport School components on. The Tech Console also provides a Security check mode to identify systems without all security options in force.

New features in v10.5:
Real-time Audio Monitoring (New)
NetSupport School now provides the tools teacher's and trainers need to ensure language lab computers are being used for their intended purpose! Monitor the entire class in a single view and with the use of the displayed visual indicators see instantly which PCs have live audio activity. Listen to a student's microphone feed and correct pronunciation, conduct a 2-way chat with a specific student avoiding disruption for the rest of the class.
Manage Student Resources (New)
The Student Toolbar now provides a quick and convenient way for students to access the resources required for a given lesson. In situations where the school's computer desktops are 'locked down', thus preventing student's from creating desktop shortcuts to work files, websites etc, teachers will often need to spend precious time explaining to the class where to access the resources from. Teachers can now by-pass this cumbersome approach by quickly adding the required shortcuts to the Student Toolbar.
Connect To Students In Room (New)
NetSupport School 10.5 introduces an additional connectivity option ideal for helping teacher's quickly connect to the machines in a given room. An intuitive startup wizard enables you to assign PCs to a particular room and quickly deploy the student software to those machines. At the start of a lesson the teacher simply indicates which of the pre-defined rooms they want to connect to. 'Roaming' Students also have the option of connecting to a designated room.
Browse and Connect Performance (Enhanced)
A new configuration option, 'Accelerate Browse', dramatically improves browse and connect performance. If while browsing for Students some of the machines in the 'known list' are switched off, rather than pause while trying to connect, the Tutor will instantly skip the unavailable machines and move on to those that are available. A visual indicator will highlight those machines that could not be connected to.
Student Thumbnails (Enhanced)
Student Thumbnails can now be sized using a flexible slide-bar enabling you to make better use of the space available on the Tutor screen. (The teacher interface can quickly be viewed full-screen by pressing 'F11' should more room be needed to view the thumbnails.)
Terminal Server Support (Enhanced)
Installing and configuring NetSupport School for a Terminal Server environment is now a more simplified and seamless process.

Language: English
Include: Keygen
OS: Win 2000, 2003, 2008, XP, Vista & Windows 7.
Official site:


Dragon.Age.II (2011/ENG/RePack  by Black Box)

Dragon.Age.II (2011/ENG/RePack by Black Box)
Year: 2011 l Platform: PC l Language: English & Russian l Developer: BioWare l Publisher: Electronic Arts l 3.74 GB
Genre: RPG / 3D / 3rd Person

Dragon Age II thrusts players into the role of Hawke, a penniless refugee who rises to power to become the single most important character in the world of Dragon Age. Known to be a survivor of the Blight and the Champion of Kirkwall, the legend around Hawke's rise to power is shrouded in myth and rumor. Featuring an all-new story spanning 10 years, players will help tell that tale by making tough moral choices, gathering the deadliest of allies, amassing fame and fortune, and sealing their place in history. The way you play will write the story of how the world is changed forever.

WinSnap 3.5.6
WinSnap 3.5.6
Windows Snapshot Maker (shortly WinSnap) is a small enhancement utility for taking and editing screenshots.

Larry Crowne (2011) CAM  XViD - DTRG
Larry Crowne (2011) CAM XViD - DTRG
Language: English
1h 38mn | AVI | 640x224 | 23.976 fps | AC3 - 48.0 KHz | 659 MB
Genre: Comedy | Drama | Romance

Untilhe was downsized, affable, amiable Larry Crowne (Hanks) was a superstarteam leader at the big-box company where hes worked since his time inthe Navy. Underwater on his mortgage and unclear on what to do with hissuddenly free days, Larry heads to his local college to start over.

A7Soft ExamXML Pro 5.30.1036
A7Soft ExamXML Pro 5.30.1036 | 2.33 MB
ExamXML is a powerful and easy to use a visual XML differencing tool for Windows. It was specially developed for comparing and merging XML files in an intelligent manner. It provides best-in-class features that distinguish ExamXML from other XML differencing tools. Unique to ExamXML is its ability to ignore elements that match users' defined condition. In addition to the usual textual comparison, ExamXML adds ability to compare numbers in numeric format and dates in date / time formats. ExamXML displays XML documents in a tree view, highlighting differences down to the level of elements, words or attributes, so that you can view exactly which attributes and elements have been added, modified or deleted. Red color means that the element has been removed, green means that the element has been changed.

Alice: Madness Returns 2011 ENG

Alice: Madness Returns 2011 ENG | 3.8 GB
Genre: Action (Adventure), 3D | Platform: PC
Developer: Spicy Horse Productions

Atomix Virtual DJ 6.0.3

Atomix Virtual DJ 6.0.3 | 22,82 Mb

Atomix VirtualDJ is the MP3 mixing software that targets every DJ from bedroom DJs to professional superstars such as Carl Cox, and is used everyday by millions of DJs, and in many big clubs. It features a breakthrough BeatLock engine that will keep your songs in tune and let you work your mixes incredibly faster than any other DJ. The automatic seamless loop engine and the new synchronized sampler will let you perform astounding remixes on the fly. VirtualDJ is compatible with timecoded vinyls that let you scratch your MP3s directly on a real turntable, and with many other DJ equipment.

iClone Pro 4.12 + Bonus

iClone Pro 4.12 + Bonus | 1.7 GB

Real-time animation evolves with 3D Video FX, motion paths, HDR and rapid drag & drop creation inside iClone4. iClone4 introduces new features that combine video production with 3D real-time animation. The result is a powerful production tool for motion graphics, 3D animation and video compositing. Explore the speed and time-saving productivity of visual computing with 3D real-time animation. iClone is a fully-featured 3D animation studio, which has introduced students, professionals and independent filmmakers worldwide to the real-time art of 3D animation, digital storytelling and digital content creation.

BricsCad Pro 11.3.11 Portable

Bricscad - based on IntelliCAD - is the the 2D and 3D CAD platform by preference for users who want to extend their number of professional CAD seats or just want to replace other to expensive CAD seats. Bricscad V10 reads and writes the native DWG format and offers compatibility with AutoCAD 2010. Bricscad V10 has a very recognisable intuitive user interface and requires no extra training.