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AppDev Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Training Collection CD3 (20 CDs)

AppDev Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Training Collection CD1 (20 CDs)

Autodesk AutoCAD 2012 SP2 ISZ (x86/x64)
Autodesk AutoCAD 2012 SP2 ISZ (x86/x64) | 2.15 GB

Design and shape the world around you with AutoCAD software, one of the worldТs leading CAD programs. Explore ideas more intuitively in 3D, speed documentation, share ideas seamlessly, and customize AutoCAD for your specific needs. With new and updated tools for 3D conceptual design, model documentation, and reality capture, AutoCAD 2012 helps design professionals maximize productivity.

Digital tutors Compositing Stereoscopic Images in Toxik

Digital tutors Compositing Stereoscopic Images in Toxik
English | VP6F 782x646 15 fps | MP3 96 kbps | 196 MB
Genre: Video Training

In this series of lessons we'll learn how to work with 3D Stereoscopic image pairs in Toxik. We'll be able to create an anaglyph preview and learn how to control our stereo depth and fix issues in Toxik.
We'll begin this course by learning how to set-up our project for stereo work and the basic stereo workflows. We'll then go through an entire practical application of fixing a visual problem in our stereo images. During this we'll learn how and when we can re-use data from the left to the right side, and how to actually apply this. We'll finish by learning how to use expressions to change our screen depth solely in Toxik.

Siemens Tecnomatix 9 [Eng]

Siemens Tecnomatix 9 [Eng] | 2,79 Gb

KS-Soft Advanced Host Monitor Enterprise 8.64

KS-Soft Advanced Host Monitor Enterprise 8.64 | 16 MB

Advanced HostMonitor is a network monitor program. You can create a list of jobs and tests in advance on a 'set and forget' basis. Among the many checks it can do, it can monitor any TCP service, ping a host, retrieve an URL, check the available disk space, and more. It checks network servers at regular intervals and takes pre-defined actions if a device does not respond.

SmartFTP PRO 4.0.1072

SmartFTP PRO 4.0.1072 | 11.25 MB

SmartFTP allows you to transfer files across the Internet. Multiple FTP connections can be opened at the same time, and you can copy files from one remote host to another (FXP). Remote-host directory information is cached for future viewing, and FTP URLs are supported. SmartFTP features including SSL (Implicit/Explicit), FXP support, Multiple connections, Proxy Firewall Support, Drag and Drop from Explorer, Remote Directory caching, the ability to resume broken downloads, Background transfers, Passive transfer mode and the ability to perform recursive downloads, uploads, and deletes. SmartFTP can be used for: Web site publishing and maintenance; Upload and download of images, documents, movie and music files; Share your files with your friends and coworkers; Backups of local or remote files.

Creating Green Roads: Integrating Cultural, Natural and Visual Resources into Transportation
Creating Green Roads: Integrating Cultural, Natural and Visual Resources into Transportation By James L. Sipes, Matthew L. Sipes
2013 | 288 Pages | ISBN: 1610913752 , 1610913582 | PDF | 84 MB

In 'Creating Green Roads', James and Matthew Sipes demonstrate that roads don't have to be the enemy of sustainability: they can be designed to minimally impact the environment while improving quality of life. The authors examine traditional, utilitarian methods of transportation planning that have resulted in a host of negative impacts: from urban sprawl and congestion to loss of community identity and excess air and water pollution. They offer a better approach - one that blends form and function. Through case studies and photos from around the country, 'Creating Green Roads' provides an examination of all aspects of green roads, from transportation policy to the basics of road design, public involvement, road ecology, and the economics of sustainable roads. This comprehensive guide offers a practical strategy for rethinking how we design, plan, and maintain our transportation infrastructure.

XYplorer 9.10.0000

XYplorer 9.10.0000 | 1.8 MB

XYplorer is a multi-tabbed file manager for Windows 98/NT/ME/2000/XP/Vista/W7, featuring a very powerful file search, versatile preview facilities, a highly customizable interface, and a large array of unique ways to efficiently automate frequently recurring tasks. Its extremely fast and light, its innovative, and it's fun! XYplorer (formerly known as TrackerV3) is a hybrid file manager that combines features found in navigational and orthodox file managers. Instead of dual folder panes, it features a file tree and a tabbed interface for folders that supports drag-and-drop between tabs. A central feature is the hideable information panel at the bottom that can be used to view file properties and contents, generate reports, preview files (PNG, TIF, GIF, JPG, TGA, PSD, ICO; WAV, MP3, MPEG, AVI; TTF, PFB; HTML, EML, MSG, DOC, XLS, PDF, and many other formats) and find files. The search facility supports Boolean logic, Regular Expressions, whole word and fuzzy matching, binary string search, and multiple location search. Some unique features are the Catalog, (which is a user created panel of links to files, folders, URLs, and similar entries), Scripting (which allows user to create stored sets of commands, similar to a macro), and UDC (User Defined Commands) (which allow user to create a limited set of customized commands).

Pro C# 2008 and the .NET 3.5 Platform, Fourth Edition

Pro C# 2008 and the .NET 3.5 Platform, Fourth Edition

ArchiWizard v2.6.2 - ENGiNE
ArchiWizard v2.6.2 - ENGiNE | 151 MB

ArchiWIZARD is a thermal simulation program, which is especially suitable for refurbishment projects and for the optimization of the design for the new construction

УHow Do I?Ф with ASP.NET
УHow Do I?Ф with ASP.NET
English | DVDRip | WMV / WMV3, ~250 kb/s | 800x600 | WMA, 160 kb/s (2 ch) | 8.51 GB
Genre: elearning

On this page you will find dozens of videos designed for all ASP.NET developers, from the novice to the professional. If you are new to ASP.NET, you can learn the basics of how to create dynamic web applications with ASP.NET 2.0 and Visual Web Developer 2005 Express Edition, using either Visual Basic or C#. If you have a bit of development experience, you will learn how to employ some of the great new features introduced in ASP.NET 2.0.

Ideabox 1.0.5 | 29,4 MB

A journey to the amazing world of ideas is waiting for You in Ideabox. Brilliant and silly, original and trivial - all these ideas are born here with Your help. During the journey You'll meet many talented persons such as Shakespeare, Mozart and others. Help them to gain worlwide fame and reputation!

Oddworld: The Oddboxx (2010/ENG/RUS/Repack by Dumu4)

Oddworld: The Oddboxx-SH

Oddworld: The Oddboxx (2010/ENG/RUS/Repack by Dumu4)
PC | ENG/RUS | Developer: Oddworld Inhabitants | Publisher: Oddworld Inhabitants | 3.11 GB
Genre: Action / 3D / 3rd Person

[center]Pure Pack AIO 2011 | 2.85 GB

Pure Pack AIO 2011 | 2.85 GB

IDM UEStudio
IDM UEStudio | 26.9 Mb

UEStudio includes all the features of UltraEdit plus native support for over 30 popular compilers (including Microsoft Visual C++, Java, GNU C/C++, PHP, Perl and over 30 others), an integrated debugger, integrated VCS version control, built-in class browsing, language intelligence (like Intellisense), project converter, and a batch builder... to name just a few of its advanced features. A significant element of a powerful IDE is a programmer's editor or code editor. It serves as the core foundation of any IDE. UEStudio is built on the chassis of the renowned UltraEdit. As such, the program's backbone is highly seasoned, stable, and already proven as the defacto standard of text and programmer's editors.

Digital Cinema Training - Movie Production Vol. I-V (2007/DVDRip)

Digital Cinema Training - Movie Production Vol. I-V (2007/DVDRip) | RS | 4 Gb

In the movie production series, we're gonna teach you everything we did for one setup (audio, lighting, acting) and then move on to the next location. Hopefully at the end of this experience, you will feel like you've spent the week with us on the set, learning everything that we did, step by step.By the end of the entire series, you'll probably learn just about everything that you will need to go ahead and get on the set and take charge of your creative team, your actors, your equipment, your gear, your camera, your lights, and fullfill the ideas that you had for your movie when you were just writing your script.

Alien Arena 2012 7.60
Alien Arena 2012 7.60
Developed: COR Entertainment, LLC | Platform: PC | Size: 387 MB
Genre: Shooter

Futuristic multiplayer first-person shooter. The game has odnopleerny regime, which, as in other online shooters, is a training fight with bots before they compete with these rivals. It combines the atmosphere of science fiction and the gameplay, like the game Quake, Doom and Unreal Tournament ...

Nero 10 Suite and Nero v. Multilingual

Nero 10 Suite and Nero v. Multilingual

Nero 10 Suite and Nero v. Multilingual | 1.96 GB

Razor2 Hidden Skies RIP
Release name: Release Name: Razor2.Hidden.Skies.RIP-Unleashed
Publisher: Strategy First
Developer: Invent4
Genre: Shoot- Em-Up
Size: 179MB

Demoscene 1 Build 1 x86 x64

Demoscene 1 Build 1 x86 x64 | 7.3 GB

The demoscene is a computer art subculture that specializes in producing demos, which are non-interactive audio-visual presentations that run in real-time on a computer. The main goal of a demo is to show off programming, artistic, and musical skills.

The demoscene first appeared during the 8-bit era on computers such as the Commodore 64, ZX Spectrum and Amstrad CPC, and came to prominence during the rise of the 16/32-bit home computers (the Amiga and the Atari ST). In the early years, demos had a strong connection with software cracking. When a cracked program was started, the cracker or his team would take credit with a graphical introduction called a "crack intro" (shortened cracktro). Later, the making of intros and standalone demos evolved into a new subculture independent of the software (piracy) scene.

Home Page:

Exotic Matter Naiad 0.6.1.(43)

Exotic Matter Naiad 0.6.1.(43) | 229MB

Exotic Matter released the latest, and last version of its signature fluid simulation tool, Naiad 0.6.1.(43) - the final Naiad release. All Naiad development stops.

TurboFTP 6.30 Build 826

TurboFTP 6.30 Build 826 | 7.5 MB

TurboFTP is a secure FTP client program (supports FTP over SSL/TLS and SFTP over SSH2) for Windows 9x/ME/NT4/2000/XP/2003. It allows you to transfer files (upload or download) at turbo speed between your computer and virtually any FTP server with exceptional ease and when necessary, with strong encryption of industrial strength. The built-in Folder Synchronizer provides straightforward, visual and recursive comparison result and helps you synchronize files and directories between local and remote folders with minimum effort. Scheduled file transfer and automated folder synchronization can be easily achieved with the built-in Task Scheduler. You can have an notification e-mail sent to you upon completion of each schedule task or by error. It automatically attempts to resume broken transfer, redial and reconnect after detected lost of connection.

xScan 3.2.5

xScan 3.2.5
The most essential utility to scan your Mac. xScan has been specifically designed to help you monitor the behavior and health of your Mac in a simple and straightforward manner. This is done in real time. No more needing to go 'beneath the hood' to find out all those technical details that could be affecting your system. We've done all the work for you!

xScan is able to detect common problems with a Mac and OS X, and will also provide useful tips to help you fix them. It's as easy as looking at the dashboard of your car!

Toon Boom StoryBoard SP1 Pro Retail

Toon Boom StoryBoard SP1 Pro Retail | 117.3MB

The Toon Boom Storyboard software helps you take an idea and translate it into a visual story that will become a complete production. Storyboard comes with an intuitive and user friendly interface that will make your digital storyboarding a breeze. Deliver rich looking storyboards instantly and effortlessly to everyone using the best storyboarding software on the market.

BricsCad Pro 11.3.11 Portable

Bricscad - based on IntelliCAD - is the the 2D and 3D CAD platform by preference for users who want to extend their number of professional CAD seats or just want to replace other to expensive CAD seats. Bricscad V10 reads and writes the native DWG format and offers compatibility with AutoCAD 2010. Bricscad V10 has a very recognisable intuitive user interface and requires no extra training.