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LightMachine 1.05 Portable
LightMachine 1.05 Portable | 4.7 MB

LightMachine corrects brightness, contrast, color and saturation in specific image areas independently from each other. It basically consists of four different filters each split up into a simple mode suitable for beginners and a Pro mode with more features for more flexibility. The Brightness/Contrast modes adjust brightness and contrast throughout the image which is nice as a starting point. The Shadows/Highlights modes give you complete control over dark and bright image areas and let you correct them completely independently from each other with the help of sophisticated masking options.

Mystery Case Files: MillionHeir (NDS)
Phil T. Rich is missing and it's up to you to uncover his rightful heir. Your Assignment: Locate cleverly hidden objects in intricately detailed scenes using the Touch Screen and Microphone.

OpenSuse 11.3 x86-x64 Full DVD

OpenSuse 11.3 x86-x64 Full DVD

OpenSuse 11.3 x86 x64 Full DVD | 4.8GB

SSW Time Pro Net 9.420

SSW Time Pro Net 9.42 | 15.9 MB | English

Welcome to SSW Time PRO .NET. This is a totally integrated database application designed for corporations who bill on a time or product basis.

X3: Reunion (PC)
X3 hurls you back into the most realistic universe ever created, right into the middle of an epic, intergalactic story filled with twists and turns at every jump gate. Become the hero once more as you TRADE, FIGHT, BUILD, and THINK your way to victory.

Hikaru no Go (Complete) (AVI)

hindou Hikaru, a 6th grader, finds an old go table in the attic of his grandfather's house. He sees some blood stains on the go table, and tries to wipe it off... when a ghost dressed in Heian period clothes pops out, and takes over his body.

MakeUp Instrument 4.2
MakeUp Instrument 4.2 | 5.2 MB

MakeUp Instrument is an easy portrait software. Simple presentation of instruments allows you to understand immediately how it works. Using this program, you can clean up face and skin imperfections, such as wrinkles, acne, and tattoos. MakeUp Instrument is your own digital cosmetic bag. Don't get upset if your lipstick has been wiped off on your portrait. You need only one click on lipstick instrument and try different colors.

Image Line Hardcore 1.1.3

Image Line Hardcore 1.1.3 | 2.76 MB | English

Hardcore a collection of 10 classic effects designed with Guitarists in mind.

Live At The Apollo S05E02 HDTV XviD-aAF

Live At The Apollo S05E02 HDTV XviD-aAF
XviD | MP3 VBR | 233MB

ZinOne Forum Download Fifa (2010) rapidshare Download Links

ZinOne Forum Download Fifa (2010) rapidshare Download Links

KTРT - FiFa World Cup 2010 cу 5 ch? d? choi giao h?u, World Cup, dб Penalty, th? tаi dб ph?t t? do, t?p luy?n co b?n vа ngu?i hщng qu?c gia.

Auvisoft Audio Converter 2.3

Auvisoft Audio Converter 2.3 | 2.62 MB | English

Auvisoft Audio Converter converts audio formats AAC, ADPCM, Dolby Digital AC-3, GSM, MP2, MP3, OGG, VOX, WAV, WMA from one to another, such as converting MP3 to WAV and WMA, WAV to MP3 and WMA.

mIRC 7.14 Portable
mIRC 7.14 Portable | 2.9 MB

mIRC is a popular Internet Relay Chat client used by millions of people, and thousands of organizations, to communicate, share, play and work with each other on IRC networks around the world. Serving the Internet community for over a decade, mIRC has evolved into a powerful, reliable and fun piece of technology.

BBC - Planet Earth Complete Series - Jungles (Bluray Rip 8/11)
BBC - Planet Earth Complete Series - Jungles (Bluray Rip 8/11)
English | HD 1080p | 1920x800 – 23.976fps – x264 | DTS 1536 kbps | 4.5 GB
Genre: Documentary

Jungles cover roughly three per cent of our planet yet contain 50 per cent of the world's species. High-definition cameras enable unprecedented views of animals living on the dark jungle floor.In the Ngogo forest the largest chimpanzee group in the world defends its territory from neighbouring groups. Other jungle specialists include parasitic fungi which infiltrate an insect host, feed on it, and then burst out of its body.

Making Waves Studio 5.44

Making Waves Studio 5.44 | 5.72 MB | English

Making Waves is the music sequencer of choice for thousands of producers Worlwide and has been used to create several UK number 1 hits.

Inna - Amazing (2010)
Inna - Amazing (2010)
Mp3 | VBR kbps | 44,1kHz | Joint Stereo | House, Club | 87 Mb

Shadow Defender
Shadow Defender is an easy-to-use desktop security and privacy protection tool for Windows operating systems. It provides an excellent way to prevent unwanted or malicious changes from being made to a PC. With Shadow Defender you can run system in a virtual environment, called Shadow Mode and all the attacks will happed in the virtual environment, not the real environment. If attacks happened, all you need to do is to reboot your system. After reboot, the system will be restored to the original state, as if nothing happened. And meanwhile you can save the selected files and folders to the real environment. Shadow Defender's protection concept is very easy to grasp.

Ashampoo Music Studio 4.0.1

Ashampoo Music Studio 4.0.1 | 36.8 MB | English

Do you like music? Do you use a computer? Then you need Ashampoo Music Studio 3. This program always been a favorite of digital music fans and the latest version now includes everything you need to create, edit and manage your digital music collection. And using it is nearly as simple as operating a CD player.

Magix 3D Maker 6.10

Magix 3D Maker 6.10 | 65.8 MB | English

MAGIX 3D Maker transforms any text and shapes into high-quality 3D graphics and animations. A number of designs and templates in different styles, plus intuitive real-time editing and easy-to-understand tools will quickly help you produce professional results.

JDownloader 0.9.581
JDownloader 0.9.581 | 28.76 MB

JDownloader offers downloading in multiple paralell streams, captcha recognition, automatical file extraction and much more. Of course, JDownloader is absolutely free of charge. Additionally, many link encryption sites are supported - so you just paste the encrypted links and JD does the rest. JDownloader can import CCF, RSDF and the new DLC files.With JDownloader your downloads will be completed much faster!

Enfocus PitStop Server 10 Intel

Enfocus PitStop Server 10 Intel

Enfocus PitStop Server 10 (Intel)
Mac OS X | 212.62 MB

Autodesk 3DS Max 2011

Autodesk 3DS Max 2011 | 1.07 GB | Multilanguage

Create stunning 3D in less time with Autodesk 3ds Max software. This full-featured 3D modeling, animation, and rendering solution is used to produce top-selling games and award-winning film and video content. It’s a tool of choice for quickly generating realistic characters, seamless CG effects, jaw-dropping games, and top-quality film and television content. Enhanced toolsets enable you to create your 3D environment the way you want, manage complex scenes, and take advantage of improved software interoperability and pipeline-integration support.

Bass Sampler (Test CD) FLAC

Подборка треков различных жанров, записаных с высоким качеством, позволяющая оценить качество воспроизведения низких частот.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Clear Sky v.1.5.04 (PC)
This game combines elements of survival horror (ammo scavenging, frightening atmosphere with powerful monsters), first-person shooters ("twitch-based" aiming, i.e. no leveling system or "skillsets"), and RPGs (inventory management, quests, character interaction, armors and defense stats). The most significant gameplay addition since Shadow of Chernobyl is the faction wars system. Different factions will struggle for territory, attacking to gain territory and then defending to keep it, while others then try to retake it. The player will be able to join and help factions in their battles.

Carlos Xuma - Bad Boy Formula

Carlos Xuma - Bad Boy Formula
Language: English | MP3@120 | Xvid | 720 x 480 | 49 min | 2565 MB
Genre: eLearning

Props to me for going through the most annoying site in the world to get the rapidshare links, props to the site those annoying links came from (found in the request section thread)

[center]Ultimate Kylie - DVDRip
[center]Ultimate Kylie DVD
130 mins | 720x576 | 25fps | MPEG2 | Dolby Digital (AC3) - 256 Kbps | 4.04GB
Music Clip | 7.000 Mbps