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Haunted  Legends The Queen of Spades v1.0-TE
Haunted Legends The Queen of Spades v1.0-TE
Release: 01/14/2011 | Language: ENglish | PC | Developper/Published: Big Fish Games | 450 MB
Genre: Mystery

Captain Gerard Froussard has reached out to you for help. After Lieutenant Pierre Disparu disappears searching for a missing young lady, its up to you to investigate the haunted mansion. Discover the secrets behind a magical deck of cards in Haunted Legends: Queen of Spades! Find The Countess and stop her curse before it claims another victim in this astounding Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game.

Mystic River (2003) DVDRip XViD

Mystic River (2003) DVDRip XViD

Language: English
137 Min | 720 x 304 | Xvid - 1090Kbps | 23.976 fps | DVDRip | MP3 - 128Kbps | 798 MB
Genre: Crime | Drama | Mystery | Thriller

The Seamstress (2009) BDRip-DMZ

The Seamstress (2009) BDRip-DMZ
BDRip | Matroska | 693.9 MiB | 720x400 | AVC @ 1 133 Kbps | English | MP3 @ 160 Kbps - 2 channels | 1h 15mn
Genres: Crime | Horror | Mystery | Thriller



Lost S06E17 E18 720p HDTV x264-CTU

Lost S06E17 E18 720p HDTV x264-CTU
720p | MKV | English | 42min | 1280x720 | x264 - 3321kbps | AC3 - 384kbps | 2.91 GB
Genre: Adventure | Drama | Mystery | Sci-Fi | Thriller

The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus (2009) DVDRip XviD - ALLiANCE
The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus (2009) DVDRip XviD - ALLiANCE
Language + Sub : English | AVI | 1.4GB | 118 min | XviD 640x336 23.976fps | AC3 448Kbps
Genre : Adventure | Fantasy | Mystery
iMDB Rating : 7.3/10 (17,423 votes)

In London, the sideshow troupe of Doctor Parnassus promises to the audiences a journey to the "Imaginarium", an imaginary world commanded by the mind of Doctor Parnassus where dreams come true. In the stories that Doctor Parnassus tells to his daughter Valentina, to the midget Percy, and his assistant Anton, he claims to have more than one thousand years; however, when he felt in love for a mortal, he made a deal with the devil Mr. Nick trading his immortality per youth. As part of the bargain, he promised his son or daughter to Mr. Nick on the sixteenth birthday. Valentina now is almost in the doomed age and Doctor Parnassus bets with Mr. Nick that whoever seduces five souls in the Imaginarium will have Valentina as a prize. Meanwhile the troupe rescues Tony that was hanged on a bridge by the Russians that explains why he had been chased and he joins the group. Tony and Valentina fall in love for each other and the jealous Anton discovers that his competitor is a liar.

The Governors Wife (2008) DVDRip

Genre: Crime | Mystery | Thriller
Rating: 5.3/10 (98 votes)
Directed by: David Burton Morris
Starring: Marilu Henner,Emily Bergl,Matt Keeslar

Size: 700 MB
Video: XviD, 624Ч352, 970 kbps
Audio: 224 kb/s, AC3
Runtime: 1h 21m 12s

Heather McManus and her boyfriend, Judd Shaw go to live with his Ann in her mansion after Ann’s second husband is shot. Heather learns that her potential mother-in-law isn’t only rich and powerful, she’s also mentally ill and will stop at nothing to see her plans for her son carried out. She’s determined to have Judd become Governor, even though he’s told her he’s not interested and she’s willing to resort to murder to make it happen.

Ghosted (2009) DVDRip XviD-aXXo

Ghosted (2009) DVDRip XviD-aXXo
Language: English | German | Mandarin
89 Min | 576 x 320 | XviD 1099Kbps | 23.976fps | DVDrip | MP3 48KHz | 700 MB
Genre: Mystery

A mysterious love story between Hamburg and Taipeh. The unsolved murder of her young Taiwanese lover Ai-ling leaves the Hamburg artist Sophie Schmitt completely disoriented. She dedicates a video-installation to her and shows it in Taipei. During the opening she is approached by a mysterious journalist. Sophie is fascinated at first glance by Mei-li, the young journalist. Mei-li takes her to visit the famous Taipei night markets and tries to seduce the artist. Sophie, still mourning her lost lover, rejects Mei-li and returns immediately to Hamburg. Shortly afterwords Mei-li shows up on her doorstep, unannounced. Sophie takes her in and finally falls for her. But soon she realizes that her new lover is secretly investigating Ai-ling's death. Strange happenings occur, sudden flashes of recollection come and go, and then Sophie finds out that there is no Mei-Li working for a Taiwanese newspaper and that no one by that name ever entered Germany. Who is the mysterious Taiwanese woman?

Rec (2007) BDRip x264

Rec (2007) BDRip x264

Spanish + Subtitle: English | 1h 15mn | 848x464 | x264 - 1000Kbps | 23.976fps | AAC - 192Kbps | 759MB
Genre: Horror | Mystery | Thriller

Crush (2009) DVDRip XviD-DMZ
DVD | 640x35 | 1097 kbps | XviD | 23.976 fps | English | MP3 | 128 kbps | 77 mins | 700 Mb
Genre: Horror | Mystery | Thriller

Julian, 20, an American exchange student and disgraced Tae Kwon Do champion is seduced by a mysterious and beautiful woman...

Revolver (2005) DvDrip-aXXo
Revolver (2005) DvDrip-aXXo
Language: English
110 Min | 552 x 226 | Xvid - 786Kbps | 25 fps | DVDRip | MP3 - 96Kbps | 699 MB
Genre: Crime | Drama | Mystery | Thriller

Chronicles  of  Mystery: Secret  of  the  Lost  Kingdom (Final)
Chronicles of Mystery: Secret of the Lost Kingdom (Final)
2011 | English | PC | Publisher: City Interactive | 268 MB
Genre: Hidden Object

Fringe S03E18 HDTV XviD-LOL

Fringe S03E18 HDTV XviD-LOL
English | 42Min | XVID 624x352 23fps | MP3 128Kbps 48Khz | 350Mb
Genre: Drama | Mystery | Sci-Fi

In the sci-fi FOX drama, Fringe, a self-taught genius named Peter Bishop and FBI agent Olivia Dunham team up to investigate paranormal activity.

The Event S01E15 720p HDTV X264- DIMENSION
The Event S01E15 720p HDTV X264- DIMENSION
MKV | English | 42min | 1.09 GB | 1280x720 | x264 - 3348kbps | AC3 - 448kbps
Genre: Drama | Medical | Mystery

"The Event" is an emotional high-octane conspiracy thriller that follows Sean Walker, an Everyman who investigates the mysterious disappearance of his fiancee, Leila, and unwittingly begins to expose the biggest cover-up in U.S. history.

The Phantom 2009 DVDrip XviD COMPLETE-MAGNET

The Phantom 2009 DVDrip XviD COMPLETE-MAGNET | 897 MB

Young urban daredevil Kit Walker finds himself recruited by a secret organization, unveiling a heritage he never could have dreamed possible. Revered as the twenty-first host who walks, he must now uphold and honor his ancestors creed to fight crime and injustice throughout the world. But it's a new world out there, and going up against high-tech savvy criminals will take training and discipline unlike anything bestowed on the Phantom.

Shade: Wrath of Angels

Shade: Wrath of Angels
PC game | Genre: Horror Action Adventure | 192 Mb

Shade: Wrath of Angels boasts 30 levels of intense action, featuring environments from the modern day, Middle-Ages, Ancient Egypt and the mysterious Shadowland. The player takes on the role of a secretive ex-military mercenary, who receives a letter from his brother asking to meet him in an old Eastern European town. Once there the player finds the town strangely quiet - until he discovers dead bodies, frighten soldiers and scientists running away from the town. It is at this point that the player first meets a sinister shadow being that offers him help and guidance for his adventure. As well as his advice, the shadow figure gives the player his servant the Demon, which the gamer can morph into at anytime and whose physical strength and magic attacks will play an important part of the adventure.

Saw (2004)  576p Bluray x264-kHAn

Saw (2004) 576p Bluray x264-kHAn
Matroska | 1.462 GiB | 1024x576 | AVC @ 1 654 Kbps | English | AC3 @ 384 Kbps - 6 channels | 1h 42mn
Genre: Crime | Horror | Mystery

Twomen wake up at opposite sides of a dirty, disused bathroom, chained bytheir ankles to pipes. Between them lies a dead man loosely clutching ahand-held tape player and a handgun. Each finds a tape the perfect fitfor the player in their back pocket. They play the tapes. One isthreatened, the other isn t. But they have a task: One must kill theother by 6:00, or his wife and daughter will die. They find hacksaws in atoilet, and try to cut the chains, but it doesn t work. They are thetwo newest victims of the Jigsaw Killer. In a flashback, we learn ofAmanda, a girl who falls victim to the Jigsaw Killer. On her head is amask, which is hooked into her lower jaw. There is a timer on it. Onlyone key will unlock it, and that key is in the digestive tract of hercell mate who lies paralyzed on the opposite side of the room. If shedoesn t unlock the mask in time, her lower jaw will be ripped wideopen...

Wonderland (2003) DVDRIP-DMZ

Wonderland (2003) DVDRIP-DMZ
1h44mn | Xvid 560x304 23.976fps 802 Kbps | MP3 130Kbps 48KHz | AVI | English | ~700MB
Genre: Crime | Drama | Mystery | Thriller

Night of the Living Dead (1968)

Night of the Living Dead (1968)
HDRip | AVI | Run time: ~95 min | XviD 720x544 ~2395 kbps avg | 2.18 GB
audio#1: English | Dolby AC3 2 ch ~448 Kbps | audio#2,3: Russian | Dolby AC3 2 ch ~192 Kbps | Sub: Russian, English
Horror, Mystery
Director:George A. Romero
Stars:Duane Jones, Judith O'Dea and Karl Hardman

Lost Highway (1997) m720p - sUN

Lost Highway (1997) m720p - sUN
m720p | English | 02:14:08 | 1280*544 | X264 | AAC | 850 MB
Genre: Drama | Horror | Mystery | Thriller

Plot: Fred Madison, a saxophonist, is accused under mysterious circumstances of murdering his wife Renee. On death row, he inexplicably morphs into a young man named Pete Dayton, leading a completely different life. When Pete is released, his and Fred's paths begin to cross in a surreal, suspenseful web of intrigue, orchestrated by a shady gangster boss named ~censored~ Laurent.

Scooby-Doo: 13 Spooky Tales Around the World (2012) DVDRip XviD-UNiQUE
Scooby-Doo: 13 Spooky Tales Around the World (2012) DVDRip XviD-UNiQUE
Language: English
02:24:48 | 720x400 | XviD - 1263Kbps | 23.976fps | AC3 - 192Kbps | 1.47GB
Genre: Animation | Comedy

Nobody vacations like Scooby-Doo and the gang. This is arm-scare travel at its very best! And with 13 hair-raising vacation destinations on two DVDs, thats hours of family fun. Get ready to get shipwrecked in the Bermuda Triangle with scary skeleton scuba divers and chased through the canals of Venice by the Ghostly Gondolier, who even kidnaps Daphne! Hop aboard a haunted Aztec barge, but not before Scooby-Doo wows a vengeful god with his best Mexican hat dance - to say nothing of his airplane cha-cha over the headhunter-happy jungles of Brazil. Along the way you can bet the Mystery Inc. gang will get to the bottom of each mystery with plenty of zoinks! (the same in every language), plenty of hijinks, and a whole lot of international cuisine - leaning tower of pizza anyone?

House S06E06 HDTV XviD

House S06E06 HDTV XviD [P0W4] | 350MB

VA - The Ultimate Most Relaxing New Age Music In The Universe (2006)-kid

VA - The Ultimate Most Relaxing New Age Music In The Universe (2006)
Genre: New Age / Relax | Label: Denon Records | 2CD | MP3 320kbps | 238 MB

Fighting (2009) BDRIP-DMZ

Fighting (2009) BDRIP DMZ

English | 640x480 | DIVX | 25fps | MP3 192Kbps | AVI | 700MB

Genre: Drama | Mystery

Loft BDRip XviD

Loft BDRip XviD - 2013

Loft BDRip XviD-EXViD
Language: Dutch (Belgium) + Subtitle: EN, NL, FD, HI, FR
118 min | 640 x 272 | PAL (25fps) | XVID 1199Kbps | AC3 - 448kbps | 1,4 GB
Genre: Crime | Drama | Mystery