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FreeVimager 2.1.0 Portable

View & Edit graphics file of type: jpeg, bmp, gif, tiff (multi-page), png and pcx. Save As Pdf command. Jpeg lossless rotate and crop. Works with all Windows versions from 95 up to Windows 7. EXIF is displayed and all data are kept when editing and saving images. IPTC & XMP single file / batch editing support for jpeg and tiff files. Batch Processing and CD / DVD Slideshow creation. Size optimized Email sending of image(s). It can as well play avi video files and some type of audio files. There are many tools around doing that, but the aim of this is to be a small and handy tool doing what it says.

VA - Paradisiac 3 (2001)

VA - Paradisiac 3 (2001)
Release 2001 | Flac (image+.cue) Lossless | 2 CD tracks | 750 mb
Genre: Lounge, Lo-Fi, Downtempo, Acid Jazz | Label: ULM Electro

VA - The Tribal Side Of House Vol 3 (Retail) (2010)
VA - The Tribal Side Of House Vol 3 (Retail) | Size: 110.27 Mb
Year: 29.07.2010 | Sound: mp3 | 320 kbps | Number of tracks: 12
Genre: House

VA - Hits Of The 70s (3CD) (2011)

VA - Hits Of The 70s (3CD) (2011)
Year : 2011 | Audio Codec : MP3 | Bitrate : VBR ~ 225 kbps | Length : 2:30:55 | 208 MB
Genre : Pop / Rock

True Grit (1969)

True Grit (1969)

720p BluRay x264-Japhson | Language: English | AVC 7330 Kbps, 1280x720, 23.976fps | DTS 1510 Kbps | 128 min | 6.56 GB
Genre: Adventure | Western | Drama
Director: Henry Hathaway
Cast: John Wayne, Glen Campbell, Kim Darby, Jeremy Slate

VA - Obsession Lounge Vol.2 [2CD] (2007) [FLAC]

VA - Obsession Lounge Vol.2 [2CD] (2007) [FLAC]
2CDs | Release: 2007 | FLAC (image+ .cue) | Tracks: 13+13 | Size: ~ 929 MB
Genre: Lounge, Downtempo, Electronic

VA - Hotel Lounge Mosca [Music for Cocktails Party] (2011)
VA - Hotel Lounge Mosca [Music for Cocktails Party] (2011)
Release: 2011 | 12 tracks | MP3 CBR 320kbps 44,1khz Stereo | 135 MB
Genre: Downtempo | Label : Hotel Lounge

VA - Ministry Of Sound: Chillout Sessions XIII (2010)

VA - Ministry Of Sound: Chillout Sessions XIII (2010)
Genre: Chillout | 2 CD | Mp3 | 320 Kbps | 351.3 MB

Jamies 30 Minute Meals - Complete Season 1 & 2  WS PDTV XviD-IP

Jamies 30 Minute Meals - Complete Season 1 & 2 WS PDTV XviD-IPT
English | AVI | XviD 1255kbps | 624 x 352 225fps | Mp3 128kbps | 24mins x 40 | 8.26 GB
Genre: TVshow / Cooking

Jamiesback in the kitchen, and this time hes against the clock After hisculinary tour in Jamie Does, Jamie Oliver is bringing his culinaryinspiration back home to boost our kitchen confidence in therevolutionary new cooking show, Jamies 30 Minute Meals . In thisamazing new show, Jamie makes mouth-watering family meals from scratchwith every half-hour episode playing out in real time. To keep you ontrack, Jamie will take you step-by-step through the cookery process.Forget staged food shows with clever editing, this is the real deal -not one carrot has been peeled beforehand, or one pan sneakilypreheated. Its all about learning to juggle your pots and perfect theart of culinary timekeeping. Jamie says;If you want really great food,and fast, then do EXACTLY what I say. If you listen, youll end up with afeast of beautiful things on your table in less than half an hour.

Modern Chess Opening Set

Convekta, 2010 | by Nikolay Kalinichenko, Alexander Kalinin | 7 CDs | 1.9GB

This product features seven volumes of Modern Chess Opening series, covering almost all chess openings. The series provide detailed classification and contain a lot of training material.

Big Massage Collection Pack 3.

Big Massage Collection Pack 3
XVID | English | 720x548 AVI | 24 fps 5634 kbps | MP3 192 kbps | 1.72 GB
Genre: eLearning

Deep Tissue Massage and Myofascial Release!!!
Essential Guide to Massage Techniques:
Essential Guide to Massage Techniques - Chapter01 - Opening Credits
Essential Guide to Massage Techniques - Chapter02 - Safety
Essential Guide to Massage Techniques - Chapter03 - Basic Massage Movements
Essential Guide to Massage Techniques - Chapter04 - What is Swedish Massage
Essential Guide to Massage Techniques - Chapter05 - Preparing
Essential Guide to Massage Techniques - Chapter06 - Full Body Massage
Essential Guide to Massage Techniques - Chapter07 - Gluteal Massage

VA - 100 Best Jazz (5CD) (2010)
VA - 100 Best Jazz (5CD) (2010)
Genre: Jazz | Release: 2010 | MP3 | 320 kbps | 100 tracks | 1,07 GB

Curing with Cayenne
Curing with Cayenne
English | Avi | Xvid | 640x480 | 29.97fps | 4:3 | 1500kbps Mp3 128Kbps 44100Hz | 1.22Gb
Genre: Video Training

IF YOU ONLY MASTER ONE HERB IN YOUR LIFE MASTER CAYENNE PEPPERS.Cayenne pepper has gained its prominence do to its long cultivation and early introduction to Europeans. Cayenne pepper plants were being grown by NATIVE AMERICAN INDIANS, in South and Central America for thousands of years.Cayenne pepper takes its name from its supposed centre of origin - the Cayenne region of French Guiana, Cayenne deriving from a Tupi Indian name. It is now grown largely in India, East Africa, Mexico and the United States, in fact most tropical and sub-tropical regions. Chiles originated in South America, where they have been under cultivation since prehistoric times.
The seed's long viability facilitated the rapid spread of the plant throughout the tropics and sub-tropics by the Spanish and Portuguese, the spice becoming as popular there as vine pepper. Chiles were long known as 'Indian' pepper - meaning 'of the New World' rather than 'of India'. Despite its specific name, and the supposed use of special chiles for it, there is little to distinguish cayenne from ordinary pure chilli powder, except that commercial 'chilli powder' usually contains other spices such as garlic or cumin, and is rougher in texture.
Medical Herbalist Dr. Richard Schulze will teach you how to do more curing with cayenne and its herbal partners than you could with hundreds of regular herbs.
You may know cayenne, but you dont know what DOSES to use, what FORM (powder, liquid, tea or oil) of the herb is best for using it to cure you of life-threatening diseases.
Learn how to use cayenne alone and with its herbal partners to blast BLOOD AND NUTRIENTS into sick organs. Watch this video tape and learn how to save lives with Cayenne, after all other healing methods have failed.

Sharpe's Challenge (2006)

Sharpe's Challenge (2006)

English | BRRip XvidHD 720p-NPW | AVI | XviD 1280x720 2973Kbps 23.976fps | AC3 640Kbps 6Ch 48KHz | 1hr 45mn | 2.70GB
Genre: Action | Adventure | History
IMDb rating: 7.4/10
Director: Tom Clegg
Cast: Sean Bean, Daragh O'Malley, Toby Stephens, Padma Lakshmi

VA - 70s music explosion (10 CD BOX) 2006 [MP3 | 320 kbps]

VA - 70s music explosion (10 CD BOX) 2006
Pop, Oldies | 10CD | MP3 | 320 kbps |44,1kHz| 1,15 Gb

Pankh 2010 2cd Xvid

The film is the story of the repercussions that have happened to a boy - a child artist who once played girl roles in films as Baby Kusum - once he becomes an adult and wants to be launched as a hero. Baby Kusum is a child star, a cute little girl. In reality, Baby Kusum is boy, masquerading as a girl. He was christened Jerry, and then named Master Jai for the movies. He and his mother Mary (Lilette) share a turbulent relationship. The boy's family is poor and they want to make it big. The pressure of parents and ridicule make it a very sad situation for him. He becomes a drug-abuser who has never been to school and spends all his time at home. Eventually he creates an imaginary character he is in love with, & that imaginary character happens to be Bipasha who taunts him and fights with him, an alter ego who questions his every move. Jerry is made to face the camera again as a young man, which leads to the final catastrophe. The film highlights the common practice in the Indian film industry of casting children in role contrary to their natural genders.

VA - Pure Music - Songs Of Beds (2006)

VA - Pure Music - Songs Of Beds (2006)
MP3 320 Kbps CBR | 3 CD | 532 MB
New Age, Instrumental

VA - Winter Chill Vol. 1 (2011)
VA - Winter Chill Vol. 1 (2011)
Release: 18 October, 2011 | 30 tracks | MP3 CBR 320kbps 44,1khz Stereo | 358 MB
Genre: Lounge, Lo-Fi, Chill-out | Label: We Love Winter

India Today - 11 June 2012
India Today - 11 June 2012
English | 184 pages | True PDF | 52.50 Mb

India Today is the leading news magazine and most widely read publication in India. The magazine’s leadership is unquestioned, so much so that India Today is what Indian journalism is judged by, for its integrity and ability to bring unbiased and incisive perspective to arguably the most dynamic, yet perplexing, region in the world. Breaking news and shaping opinion, it is now a household name and the flagship brand of India’s leading multidimensional media group. Additionally, the weekly brings with it a range supplements like Women, Home, Aspire, Spice and Simply which focus on style, health, education, fashion, etc. and Indian cities.

Dances with Wolves (1990) 20th  Anniversary Extended Cut m720p BluRay AC3 x264-DTA

Dances with Wolves (1990) 20th Anniversary Extended Cut m720p BluRay AC3 x264-DTA
Matroska | 4.978 GiB | 1280x542 | AVC @ 2 599 Kbps | English | AC3 @ 448 Kbps - 6 channels | 3h 53mn
Genre: Adventure | Drama | Western

Lt.John Dunbar is dubbed a hero after he accidentally leads Union troopsto a victory during the Civil War. He requests a position on the westernfrontier, but finds it deserted. He soon finds out he is not alone, butmeets a wolf he dubs Two-socks and a curious Indian tribe. Dunbarquickly makes friends with the tribe, and discovers a white woman whowas raised by the Indians. He gradually earns the respect of thesenative people, and sheds his white-man s ways.

Vogue (India) - July 2011

Vogue (India) - July 2011
English | PDF | 224 pages | 72.29 Mb

Everything you need to know about fashion, trends, beauty, people and lifestyle, Vogue India is your ultimate style guide. In these pages you’ll find the hottest, newest and latest from the world of fashion and beyond, both in India and from across the world, making it the must-have accessory for the modern, fashionable Indian woman.

Vedic Mathematics 3 CD Full Interactive Tutorial
Vedic Mathematics 3 CD Full Interactive Tutorial | 335.67 MB
The very ancient Indian Mathematics Tricks. Vedic is the Holy Book of Hindu.

Just one example:
Suppose you want the square of 35 (any two digit square ending with 5)
Multiply 3 (1st dig) x 4 (1st dig +1) = 12
write then 5 x 5=25
write one after another
So, The answer is 1225.

Cat Stevens - Gold (2005) FLAC
Cat Stevens - Gold (2005) FLAC
EAC Rip | 2CD | FLAC - Log - Cue | Covers | Release: 2005 | 775 MB
Genre: Folk, Rock, Pop | Label: A&M Records

VA - Summerdance: Megamix Top 100 (2011)

VA - Summerdance: Megamix Top 100 (2011)
Genre/Style: Pop, Dance, Megamix
Quality: 256 Kbps | Format: Mp3 | Info: 3 CD | Year: 2011 | Size: 439.52 MB

Jyotish Tools 1.86

Jyotish Tools 1.86 | 6.69 MB | English

Jyotish is a beginners astrology program using basic principles of the classical Parashara system of Indian. It has also been designed to include elements of the Systems Approach (SA) to Indian Astrology. Jyotish is used by students and practitioners of Indian Astrology all over the world.