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VA - Hotel Costes Vol. 1-12

VA - Hotel Costes Vol. 1-12
Release: 1999-2010 | Quality: MP3 | Bitrate: 320 kbps | Time: 15:27:48 | Size: 2.10 GB
Genre: Chillout, Lo-Fi, Lounge, Trip hop | Label: Pschent

Crazy  Machines  Elements (PC/ENG) - BACKLASH
Crazy Machines Elements - BACKLASH
24.03.2011 | English | PC games | Developer: FAKT Software | Publisher: DTP Entertainment | 252.32 MB
Genre: Puzzle

Complete Card Magic with Gerry Griffin ( Volumes1 )

Complete Card Magic with Gerry Griffin ( Volumes1 )
Volume One: Beginner 14 Easy to Learn Card Miracles

Jane Angel Templar Mystery v1.0

Jane Angel Templar Mystery v1.0 | 57.9 MB

Descripion:Jane Angel, an FBI agent and an art expert, is investigating the Holy Grail! Follow the clues and find this priceless treasure! Where could the Holy Grail be found nowadays? Was it brought to Colombia by Columbus under the Red Templar?s Cross on his sails? Was it buried under Roslyn Chapel in Scottish Mountains? Are Maltese Knights, Hospitaller considered to be the keepers of the Holy Grail? Discover the truth in Jane Angel: Templar Mystery, a gorgeous Hidden Object game

ZinOne Forum Download SBK X Superbike World Championship (2010) rapidshare and depositfiles Download

SBK X Superbike World Championship [iTWINS]
PC | English | ISO | 2.02 GB | May 20, 2010
Genre: Racing

Speed, courage and adrenaline: live again the extreme challenge of the Superbike World Championship thanks to the fully renewed experience offered by SBKX. Whether youre keen on 100% realistic races or you simply want to gas your bike, SBKX is the ideal game for you. Along with the Simulation mode completely customizable you will find the brand new Arcade mode to start skidding, tailing, and wheeling like a real ace. Two games in one to enjoy the best of the Superbike championship! In both Simulation and Arcade modes , SBKX will allow you for the first time to race the 3 different classes: Superbike, Supersport and Superstock1000. Dozens of riders and the best bikes in the world await you!

Portal 2 (2011/Multi21/Repack by z10yded)  updated 22/10/2011

Portal 2 (2011/Multi21/Repack by z10yded) updated 22/10/2011
Year: 2011 | English | PC Game | Developer: Valve Corporation | Publisher: Buka Entertainment | 4.48 GB
Genre: Logic (Puzzle) / 3D / 1st Person

Continuation of the famous "first-person puzzle Portal, awarded the title of "Game of 2007" more than thirty foreign and Russian specialized publications.

Crysis 2 (2011/MULTi2/PS3)
Crysis 2 (2011/MULTi2/PS3)
PS3 | ENG/RUS | Developer: Crytek Studios | Publisher: Electronic Arts | Year: 2011 | 5.56 GB
Genre: Action (Shooter) / 3D / 1st Person

On the game: Alien invaders filled the streets causing a nightmare metropolis and destruction, leaving behind nothing but ruins and the corpses are not the innocent people. All systems are decommissioned, and the horizon of the once beautiful city consumed by chaos.

Reload  -  JAGUAR

Year: 2012 | PC | English | Developer: Mastiff Games | Publisher: Mastiff Games | 933 MB
Genre: Action

RELOAD is the ultimate target shooting game. Participate in shooting drills that are used by elite military, law enforcement, or competition shooters. Shoot weapons ranging from popular sports shooting guns all the way up to heavy military weapons. Your targets are made of paper, wood, clay, and metal, and are never living things.

Videomach 5.8.0 Pro Portable

VideoMach is a popular software for converting images to video, disassembling video to pictures, adding audio to animations, extracting audio from movies, speeding up video, slowing it down, resizing, cropping and rotating. VideoMach is mostly used for converting output of high-speed imagers, 3D renderers, time-lapse capture, game videos and stop-motion animation to presentation video. Supported formats in Standard version include AVI, MPEG, FLC, HAV, JPEG, PNG, BMP, DIB, TGA, PNM and more. Professional version adds formats used in high-speed imagers and graphics workstations, such as BAYER, CINE/CVR, SUN, RAS, SGI, RGB, TIFF, XPM and more.

Lil Wayne - @LilTunechi (2010)

Lil Wayne - @LilTunechi (2010)
Genre: Rap, Hip Hop | 18 Track | Mp3 | 256 Kbps | 94 MB

Gunstar Heroes PSN Jailbreak
Gunstar Heroes PSN Jailbreak
Games : Playstation 3 : Full Game : English : Size: 33.66 MB

Split/Second (2010/MULTI5/Repack)

Split/Second (2010/MULTI5/Repack) | RAR 3.6 Gb

F1 2010 (2010   Eng)

F1 2010 (2010/ENG/RIP by TPTB)
Year: 2010 | PC Game | Developer: Codemasters Studios Birmingham | Publisher: Codemasters | 1.75 GB
Genre: Simulator (Racing / Cars) / 3D

Dreamcast Collection (2011)

Dreamcast Collection (2011)

20 Top Games AIO 2010 -QN

20 Top Games AIO 2010  -QN
20 Top Games AIO 2010
PC Game | 646.93 MB

Windows XP Pro SP3 Media Center Edition Corp Edition 32bit SATA/RAID, drivers and Apps (July 2010) |1,84GB
Windows XP Pro SP3 Media Center Edition Corp Edition 32bit SATA/RAID, drivers and Apps (July 2010) |1,84GB

About the program: Windows XP Pro SP3 Media Center Edition Corp Edition - DVD boot disk with integrated additional applications and drivers. Corporate version of Windows XP Pro SP3 English to install Russian MUI pack, including all updates until 20 July 2010 and added to Windows Media Center 4.0 with all updates.

F1  Challenge :'99-'02
F1 Challenge :'99-'02
PC game | Release: 2003 | English | Genre: Formula One Racing | 368 MB

Race your own Formula One career! In F1 Career Challenge, you start as a rookie F1 driver. If you can prove your worth within the game's career mode by passing a range of super license tests, you can take your rightful place amongst the elite drivers competing in the world's fastest and most glamorous motor sport.

The  Misadventures of P.B. Winterbottom (PC/ENG)
The Misadventures of P.B. Winterbottom
Year: 2010 | Language: English | PC | Developer: The Odd Gentlemen | Publisher: 2K Play | 300 MB
Genre: Arcade (Adventure)

NecrovisioN - Lost Company  (2010/PC/RELOADED)

NecrovisioN - Lost Company (2010/PC/RELOADED)
Year: 2010 l Platform: PC l Language: English l Developer: The Farm 51 l Publisher: 1C l 2.70 GB
Genre: Fantasy / First-Person Shooter

NecroVisioN- Lost Company is the prequel to original horror FPS shooter, takingplace before the NecroVisioN story begins. It contains a bunch of uniquelevels, characters, weapons and gameplay elements as well as new mainhero that presents the original game story from opposite perspective.Player is now one of WWI German troops that discovers the evil forcesunleashed by the war, starts to fight against them and leads soldiers ofall nations gathered on the front through the massive battles againstthe zombies and demons and finally he becomes a first Necromancer thatwill fight against Simon Bukner in NecroVisioN.

Sim City 3000 Unlimited (RIP)

Sim City 3000 Unlimited (RIP)
English | Platform: PC | Release: May 17, 2000 | Publisher: Electronic Arts | Developer: Maxis | 1.04 GB
Genre: Simulation

SimCity 3000 is back, and it's bigger than ever! Maxis pulled out all the stops for this new version of the bestselling game, adding enough new customized graphics to re-create cities from around the world. The new European and Asian building sets serve up hundreds of new buildings that match the architecture of these diverse environments. From the Great Wall to the Berlin Wall, it's in there. Of course, you can still mix and match--freedom to run a city as you choose has always been the name of this game.

Britney's Dance  Beat .
Britney's Dance Beat
PC game | Genre: Rhythm / Dancing | 365 MB

What does a pop superstar do once she's taken over the music world, become a corporate spokesperson, and starred in a feature film? You guessed it: Britney Spears has her very own video game. The teen diva needs some backup dancers for her upcoming world tour, and you just might be the person she's looking for. Tap your fingers to the rhythm of hot Spears singles like "Oops, I Did It Again," "Baby One More Time," and "Slave 4U," trying to prove your worth and unlock some hidden bonuses.

PC Gamer - April 2013 (UK)
PC Gamer - April 2013 (UK)
English | PDF | 170 pages | 105.2 Mb

The worlds number one PC games magazine In addition to a great visual design, PC Gamer focuses more on communities, user-made content and of course the big-name games we know and love! Each issue also offers exclusive previews and insightful features to make sure you're at the top of your game. Delivering authoritative, honest, informative and entertaining reviews, PC Gamer is the ultimate buyers guide.

DivX Plus Pro 8.1

DivX Plus Pro 8.1 | 41MB

The next generation of DivX video! Download DivX Plus Software to play DivX , AVI, MKV, MOV and MP4 video with our media player. Or watch these videos in other popular media players like Windows Media Player or Media Player classic. Purchase DivX Pro to create your own HD DivX videos.

DivX is a digital video format that offers a high quality viewing experience on any device or platform from your PC to your phone to your living room TV. Over 100 million devices that support DivX video have shipped worldwide from major manufactures, including DVD players, gaming consoles, mobile phones and more. DivX gives you the power to watch, create and share high quality videos on your Windows or Mac computer.

Street Fighter IV (2009/ENG)

Street Fighter IV (2009/ENG)
PC | English | Developer: Capcom Entertainment | Publisher: Capcom Entertainment | 1.66 GB
Genre: Arcade (Fighting) / 2D

Settlers IV Gold Edition (ENG)

Settlers IV Gold Edition (ENG)

Settlers IV Gold Edition (ENG)
Mac OS X | English | Blue Byte Studio GmbH | 1.08 GB
Genre: Simulation