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Miss Teri Tale 2: Vote 4 Me FINAL

Miss Teri Tale 2: Vote 4 Me FINAL l Hidden Object l 117.7 MB

Miss Teri Tale 2: Vote 4 Me [FINAL] Peeking Town is in an uproar over the upcoming municipal elections, but Miss Teri Tale, our famous novelist, is observing all of that from afar. The Crow, however, takes advantage of the election craze to reappear, and secretly registers her as a candidate. Miss Teri Tale is thrown into the political arena of this seek and find adventure and dives into the heart of Peeking Towns secrets

Laruaville v1.0 Cracked-F4CG
Laruaville v1.0 Cracked-F4CG
Developer: iWin Games | Platform: PC | 84 MB
Genre: Puzzle

How much do you really know about ghosts? Are they all scary? Do they only want to terrify the living? Do they actually enjoy haunting or hanging around in cemeteries? Nope! Of course they donТt! As it turns out, ghosts are really pretty friendly and chipper! But they need a place to live, and since theyТre ghosts, they canТt very well build the town by themselves! ThatТs why they need your help in this new, breathtaking match 3 game with hidden object scenes and challenging puzzles! Help the ghosts find a new home!


Simulator | +18 | PC | English

The House of the Dead 2

The House of the Dead 2
Language: English | PC | Developer: Sega | Publisher: Activision | 611 Mb
Genre: Light Gun Shooter
HotFile FileServe FileSonic BitShare links

The House of the Dead 2: is an arcade game gun, second installment of the series The House of the Dead, developed by Sega. The game came out in 1998 and was ported to the Dreamcast and PC. Also released in 2003 as unlockable on the Xbox in The House of the Dead 3, and appears in the collection The House of the Dead 2 & 3 Return for Wii. The Dreamcast version became one of the few Sega All Stars titles.

Garshasp - The Monster Slayer version

Garshasp - The Monster Slayer version
English | 2.89 GB | Pc game | Portable
Publisher: Lohe Zarrin Nikan | Developer: Fanafzar
Genre: Action
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Years after the birth of Azhi Fereydun by Dahaka, the evil Deev (Monsters) who were the commanders of the army of darkness led by Dahaka Azhi rose again in different parts of the ancient land Khunirath and rebelled against humans celebrating the victory of the army of light.

 The Hurt Locker (2009-DVDRip)
The Hurt Locker (2009-DVDRip) XviD AC3-DEViSE
Language: English | Arabic | Turkish
125 Min | 720 x 384 | Xvid - 1110Kbps | 23.976 fps | DVDRip | AC3 - 448Kbps | 1.36 GB
Genre: Action | Drama | Thriller | War

Behind Enemy Lines 2: Storm / Men Of War: Assault Squad v1.96.6   (2011/MULTI2/RePack RG Packers)

Behind Enemy Lines 2: Storm / Men Of War: Assault Squad v1.96.6 (2011/MULTI2/RePack RG Packers)
Year: 2011 l PC l English/Russian l Developers: DigitalMindSoft & Best Way l Publisher: Publishing EU l 1.16 GB
Genre: Add-on (Standalone) / Strategy (Real-time) / 3D

BehindEnemy Lines 2.Shturm is an independent addition to thehistorical-military strategy. In the game of the famous series of fansto take part in major battles of WWII, commanding the troops of theUSSR, USA, Germany or Japan. In addition to multiplayer modes that arefamiliar from previous projects to the attention of the players offerednew versions of the battles, including a game designed for the team. Inbattle, players can not only command an army, but by controlling thetank, destroy enemys fortifications, or by acting as a simpleinfantryman, to cover the retreat of comrades with a gun in his hand,which allows to feel the atmosphere of wartime.

ARMA II: Advanced Combat Environment 2 (2011/MULTI2/ADDON) [Combined Operations]
ARMA II: Advanced Combat Environment 2 (2011/MULTI2/ADDON) [Combined Operations]
Year: 2011 | Language: Eng, Rus | PC | Developer: Bohemia Interactive Studios | 1.36 GB
Genre: Action (Tactical / shooter), Strategy (Tactical), Simulator

This modification is aimed at the maximum simulated reality in the game. It is based on the ACE for the first ArmA, which in turn is based on a modification of WGL for Operation Flashpoint.



PC game | English | Genre: Shooter | 122 MB

Kinectimals Now with Bears  DLC XBOX360-MoNGoLS
Kinectimals Now with Bears DLC XBOX360-MoNGoLS
Genre: Virtual Pet | Published by: Microsoft | 1.4 GiB

Let's assume you're already down for picking up a Kinect. If so, then you have quite a lot of games to choose from in the next two months. While we can't review any of these games yet, we can let you know what each game is about, who it's made for, and the best time to play it.

Thrillville Of The Rails (PSP)

Thrillville Of The Rails (PSP)
Thrillville Of The Rails (PSP)
PSP Game | ISO | 480 MB
Genre: Theme park Simulation

Gameloft Gamepacks For iPhone,iPad,iTouch
Gameloft Gamepacks For iPhone,iPad,iTouch | 4.62 GB

Craft Of Gods (2010/MULTI4)

Craft Of Gods (2010/MULTI4) | 1.5 Gb

Xonotic 0.1 RePack (2010) - tk

Xonotic 0.1 RePack (2010) - tk
Xonotic 0.1 RePack (2010) | 1.68 GB
Genre: 3D Action, First Person Shooter | Platform: PC
Creator: Team Xonotic | Language: ENG

Mystery Novel 1.0-TE | 173.11 MB

The new great game in the genre of "Hidden Object" from the Big Fish. At the grand opening of a brand new prison, Mayor Lambert is assassinated! The killer is soon after put to death, but during the execution the electric chair causes a fire in the prison, burning the new building to the ground. As the new Crime Editor of the City Time paper, it's up to you to solve the mysterious circumstances behind the fire and discover the truth behind an ancient amulet in Mystery Novel!
-Incredible storyline
-Fantastic graphics
-Solve a mysterious crime!

50 Cent -Retro 50 Cent Blends (2011)
50 Cent - Retro 50 Cent Blends (2011)
Released time: 01.07.2011 | 29 tracks | 110 min | MP3 160kbps 44,1khz Stereo | 128 MB
Genre: Rap, Hip-Hop

YouWave for Android 2.2.0
YouWave for Android 2.2.0 | 101.6 MB
Playing with the Android emulator on your computer is a pretty geeky endeavor, but YouWave makes it easy to accomplish on your Windows PC. If you can download and install a Windows program, you can have an Android virtual machine running on your desktop in just a few minutes. All without ever touching the SDK or Sun's JDK. As a bonus, the Window it runs in has a really easy method of installing third party apps from free Android applications stores, as well as apps downloaded to your PC.

IGT Slots: Texas Tea (UB)

IGT Slots: Texas Tea | Mac Os X | Games | 350 MB

Tiffeny Milbrett - Mia Hamm - Soccer Secrets 2002 From Beginer to Advaned

Tiffeny Milbrett - Mia Hamm - Soccer Secrets 2002 From Beginer to Advaned
English | 3.69 GiB | 02:15:00 | DVD5 | 3794 kbps - 29.97 fps | 720x480 | AC3 - 256 kbps
Genre: E-Learning
Free Download - FilePost Wupload FileServe FileSonic UploadStation links - Single Extraction - No Password

Beginner: In this fun, educational video, Mia, Tiffeny, Lorrie and Wendy take you through all the fundamental aspects of the game. They teach the basics needed to form a solid foundation and improve your playing skills. They also like to share their secret game strategies, drills and hear funny stories and inspiring about how they started as young soccer players.

Carrara Pro 8 for Mac

Carrara Pro 8 for Mac

Carrara Pro 8 for Mac | MacOSX | 453 MB

Stone (2010) BDRip x264-Amy

Stone (2010) BDRip x264-Amy
Language: English
105 Min | 1280 x 528 | x264 523Kbps | 23.976fps | DVDrip | AAC 48KHz | 523 MB
Genre: Drama | Thriller

A convicted arsonist looks to manipulate a parole officer into a plan to secure his parole by placing his beautiful wife in the lawman's path. Parole officer Jack Mabry (Robert De Niro) has only a few weeks left before retirement and wishes to finish out the cases he's been assigned. One such case is that of Gerald "Stone" Creeson (Edward Norton), a convicted arsonist who is up for parole. Jack is initially reluctant to indulge Stone in the coarse banter he wishes to pursue and feels little sympathy for the prisoner's pleads for an early release. Seeing little hope in convincing Jack himself, Stone arranges for his wife Lucetta (Milla Jovovich) to seduce the officer, but motives and intentions steadily blur amidst the passions and buried secrets of the corrupted players in this deadly game of deception.

Bandicam v1.7.0.126

Bandicam v1.7.0.126 | 7 Mb

The most advanced desktop and game recording software on the planet. The Bandicam program makes it possible to record a certain area on a PC screen, or on a program that uses the DirectX/OpenGL graphic technologies.

Puzzle Dimension + 1 and 2 Update

Puzzle Dimension + 1 and 2 Update

Eternal Legacy 1.0.0  Mac OSX
Eternal Legacy 1.0.0 Mac OSX
Mac OS X | English | Gameloft | 1.11 GB
Genre: Role-Playing

Entera huge world made of cinematic environments in this intenserole-playing game, worthy heir on your Mac of its Japanese predecessors.

Marine Heavy  Gunner: Vietnam
Marine Heavy Gunner: Vietnam
PC game | Genre: Historic First-Person Shooter | 286.35 MB

VIETNAM 1967: You are a Heavy Gunner, a Marine trained to handle the biggest, meanest guns the US Army can build. After a crash landing in СhotТ enemy territory, you and your platoon must track down a ruthless enemy leader and rescue your fallen comrades from a remote POW camp. Your mission will take you deep into the Vietnam jungle, across rivers, into tunnels and up heavily defended hills against overwhelming odds. Mount up soldier, your buddies are counting on you. Utilizing the power of the Unreal engine including Karma physics, Marine: Heavy Gunner is the next big action game in the top-selling Marine series from Groove Games, which also includes Marine: Sharpshooter and Marine: Sharpshooter II.