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Unity Pro 4.3.2f1 :7*8*2014
Unity Pro 4.3.2f1 :7*8*2014

Unity Pro 4.3.2f1 | 1.03 GB
Unity Pro combines Unity's famous ease-of-use with the full set of powerful, high-end features that professional 3D developers and leading studios require. Create bigger, more complex and visually stunning games and 3D content for the Web, desktop and now, Windows Store Apps and Windows Phone 8, without compromising on productivity. If you want to create a game and ship it, choose Unity Pro today!

Transformers Revenge of the Fallen (2009)

Transformers Revenge of the Fallen (2009) | 901 MB

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen is a 2009 American science fiction action film, directed by Michael Bay and produced by Steven Spielberg. It is the sequel to Transformers (2007) and the second film in the live-action Transformers series. The plot revolves around Sam Witwicky (Shia LaBeouf), the human caught in the war between Autobots and Decepticons, having visions of Cybertronian symbols, and being hunted by the Decepticons under the orders of their long-trapped leader, The Fallen, who seeks to get revenge on Earth by finding and activating a machine that would provide the Decepticons with an energon source, destroying all life on the planet in the process.

Definitely, Maybe (2008)  DVDRip
Definitely, Maybe (2008) DVDRip
English | 111 Min | 1280 x 544 | AVC - 2117 Kbps | 23.976 fps | BRRip | AAC - 192 Kbps | 1.65 GB
Genre: Comedy | Drama | Romance

Romanticcomedy: Will Hayes, a 30-something Manhattan dad is in the midst of adivorce when his 10 year old daughter, Maya, starts to question himabout his life before marriage. Maya wants to know absolutely everythingabout how her parents met and fell in love. Will's story begins in1992, as a young, starry-eyed aspiring politician who moves to New Yorkfrom Wisconsin in order to work on the Clinton campaign. For Maya, Willrelives his past as a idealistic young man learning the ins and outs ofbig city politics, and recounts the history of his romanticrelationships with three very different women. On the campaign, Will'sbest buddy is Russell McCormack. They not only have similar politicalaspirations, they share the same type of girl problems, too. Willhopelessly attempts a PG version of his story for his daughter adchanges the names so Maya has to guess who he finally married...

Terrorist Takedown 3 (2010/ENG)

Terrorist Takedown 3 (2010/ENG) | RAR 2.7 Gb

PeopleSoft for the Oracle DBA

PeopleSoft for the Oracle DBA
Publisher: Apress; 1 edition | September 18, 2008 | 456 pages | English | ISBN 10: 1590594223 | 7.1 MB

The newest addition to the OakTable Press series, PeopleSoft for the Oracle DBA, will teach you a range of techniques for maintaining a PeopleSoft system. You will then become able to implement techniques like indexing, implementing DDL, managing tablespaces, and fixing low performing SQL queries. Author, Kurtz, is a field expert and thus, provides answers to common questions that arise when using PeopleSoft on an Oracle database.

Autopsy (2008) DVDRip

A young woman tries to find her injured boyfriend in a bizzare and dangerous hospital.

Serenity (2005) DVDRIP.Xvid-DMZ

Serenity (2005) DVDRIP.Xvid DMZ

English | 118 mins | 504 x 208 | 25fps | Xvid| MP3 131kbs | 701 MB

Genre: Action | Adventure | Sci Fi | Thriller

VA - Cumbia! Bestial (2010)
VA - Cumbia! Bestial (2010)
Genre: Cumbia | Label: Chusma Records | 16 Tracks | MP3 320 kbps | 148 MB

Tecplot Focus  v13.1.0.15185

Tecplot Focus 2011 R1 v13.1.0.15185 X64 | 138 MB

TecplotFocus is engineering plotting software that allows you to quickly plotall your engineering and test data exactly the way you want. Featuringextensive XY, 2D and 3D capabilities, Tecplot Focus is designed formeasured field data, performance plotting of test data, mathematicalanalysis, and engineering plotting in general. Tecplot Focus gets youanswers faster. It enables you to quickly plot all your engineering andtest data exactly the way you want. Analyze and explore complexdatasets, arrange multiple XY, 2D and 3D plots, and communicate yourresults to colleagues and management with brilliant, high-qualityoutput. Save even more time and effort by automating routine dataanalyses and plotting tasks. Available on Windows, Linux and Mac,Tecplot Focus meets the needs of your multi-platform engineering group.
With Tecplot Focus, you can easily:

Eisbrecher - Discography (2004-2010)

Eisbrecher - Discography (2004-2010)
Industrial,Goth Electronics,Neue Deutsche Harte | 4CD | MP3 | 320 kbps |44,1kHz| 567 Mb

The Cycle (2008) BRRip x264-DMZ

The Cycle (2008) BRRip x264-DMZ
Egnlish | 85 Min | 576 x 320 | x264 455Kbps | 23.976 fps | BRrip | AAC - 48KHz | 300 MB
Genre: Horror | Thriller

TTC VIDEO - How to Become a SuperStar Student, 2nd Edition - Michael Geisen

TTC VIDEO - How to Become a SuperStar Student, 2nd Edition - Michael Geisen
18xDVDRip | AVI / DivX, ~1498 kb/s | 640x480 | ~18x30 min | English: MP3, 128 kb/s (2 ch) | + PDF Guide | 6.8 GB
Genre: Science

The number one problem facing many high-school students: They haven't been taught how to learn. Because our current educational system focuses on test results, on making sure students memorize the facts and material needed to pass standardized tests, few students are deliberately taught about learningabout developing the particular mind-set and using the specific skills that can help them graduate with exemplary grades and an exemplary mind.

When I'm bored I make soup

When I'm bored I make soup
Publisher: Peter Coulter | ISBN : 0473141183 | November 8, 2008 | 77 pages | PDF | 46MB

Ashampoo Soft Pack 2010
Ashampoo Soft Pack 2010 | 575MB

This publication presents the latest program from the developer Ashampoo. Programs are designed to perform a huge number of tasks: work with CD / DVD, optimization of the computer, antivirus protection, restoration of hard drives, editing text documents and many others.

The Mark (2006) - RELOADED
The Mark (2006) - RELOADED
PC | 2006 | English | Publisher:DreamCatcher Interactive | Developer:T7 Games | 0.99 GB
Genre : Action
Terrorists stole a nuclear tipped missile and plan to blast away one of Europes largest city: LONDON! The missiles short range is a problem, but money is not, and the terrorists find an accomplice, Ilya Rakov, son of a Russian billionaire and arms dealer. Aleksandr Rakov. Ilya agrees to supply the terrorists with a ship that will bring the missile within range of London. He also agrees to hunt down the only two people who are capable of foiling the plot: Steve and Sandy Fletcher. Steve and his sister Sandy are officers in the US Marine Corps. Aleksandr Rakov is horrified by his sons plan. Unable to take direct action, he hires the elite mercenary Austin Hawke to protect and assist Fletch...

The Eye 2008 DvdRip Xvid-CM8

The Eye 2008 DvdRip Xvid-CM8 | 710 MB

National Geographic - Planet Science Hubble Trouble (2008) 720p HDTV x264

National Geographic - Planet Science Hubble Trouble (2008) 720p HDTV x264
English | 00:49:54 | 1280x720 | AVC - 2623Kbps | 25.000fps | AC-3 - 448Kbps | 1.09GB
Genre: Documentary

Meet the engineers who built the Hubble Space Telescope, the astronauts who fixed it and the astronomers who use it to unlock the secrets of the universe.

Movie.ZinOne.Com Download Fiml DVD HD Tony Manero 2008 DVDRip XviD-FRAGMENTXviD

Tony Manero 2008 DVDRip XviD-FRAGMENTXviD
Ratings: IMDB: 6.9/10 (767 votes )
Size : 1CD | 710.0MB


Santiago de Chile, 1978.

In the midst of the tough social context of Pinochets dictatorship, Ral Peralta, a man in his fifties, is obsessed with the idea of impersonating Tony Manero, John Travoltas character in Saturday Night Fever.

Ral leads a small group of dancers regularly performing at a bar located in the outskirts of the city. Every Saturday evening, he unleashes his passion for the films music by imitating his idol. His dream of being recognized as a successful showbiz star is about to become a reality when the national television announces a Tony Manero impersonating contest. His urge to reproduce his idols likeness drives him to commit a series of crimes and thefts. In the meantime, his dancing partners, who are involved in underground activities against the regime, are persecuted by the governments secret police. Tony Manero is a story about loss of identity and obsession in the recent Chilean history.

[MULTI] The Experiment
[MULTI] The Experiment - NEW

The Experiment-ViTALiTY
PC | English | DeveloperL: Lexis Numerique | Publisher: DreamCatcher Interactive | 1.41GB

VA - Hot The Best summer Jams For (2010)
VA - Hot The Best summer Jams For (2010)
MP3 VBR kbps / 44,1kHz / stereo | Dance | Tracks: 49 - 3:44:30 | 306.53mb

The Ultimate Bootable System Rescue CD

The Ultimate Bootable System Rescue CD

Consists of Acronis Disk Director Suite 10, True Image Home 2009, Paragon Hard Disk Manager 2008, BootITNG. Also consists of tools for lowlevel format of your hard drive to rescue your hard drive from bad sectors. The tools include ES Tool for Samsung HDD and Seagate Disk Wizard for Seagate and Maxtor HDD.

Cash and Curry (2008) DVDRip

Cash and Curry (2008) DVDRip
Genre: Thriller, Crime

Cash and Curry is a fast-paced, comedy-drama, set in multi-cultural London. Raj and his friends are tired of being a ?errand boysa ? at the bottom of the food chain. Ambition, leads Raj and his friends into the middle of a gang war between two of the biggest drug lords in London: Gabbar and Isaac. Realising the consequences of his actions, Raj seeks refuge in the countryside with an old friend, Tony. Based in an old abandoned farm, Tony runs the largest pirate DVD manufacturing operation in London

Shpongle - Full Discography (1998-2011)
Shpongle - Full Discography (1998-2011)
Tracks: 93 | Release: 1998-2011 | MP3 320 Kbps | 1.79 GB
Genre: Psy-Trance, Ambient, PsyChill, Downtempo

(Met-Art) - Olivia E - Thoughts

(Met-Art) - Olivia E - Thoughts
Released: 2008-09-09 | Pages: 126 | Size: 274 Mb | Format: Rar/Jpg

Evermotion Archmodels volume 94
Evermotion Archmodels volume 94 | 1.49 GB

vol. 94 gives you 61 highly detailed models of aqua park and recreation equipment with all textures, shaders and materials.
It is ready to use, just put it into your scene.
max vray
max mental ray
V-Ray 1.5- or higher
. max 2008 or higher