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Aveyond Series (AIO)

Aveyond Series (AIO)-DATIT

Aveyond Series (AIO)
PC Game | 368.68 MB

VA - Dance Party Foreign (2011)

VA - Dance Party Foreign (2011)
100 tracks | Genre: Dance | Release: 2011 | MP3 256 kbps | 679 MB

Iron Man 1 (PC game/Rip) R

Iron Man 1 (PC game/Rip) R
Iron Man
PC game | Publisher: Sega | Genre: Action | 154 Mb

Open Kart

Open Kart-it

Open Kart
PC game | English | Genre: Formula One Racing | 104 MB

Ski Challenge 2011 (2011 ENG)

Ski Challenge 2011 (2011/ENG)
Language: English | PC | Developer: Greentube | Publisher: Greentube | 154 MB
Genre: Arcade / 3D
Always wanted to roll down a mountain on skis or take part in competitions* Ski Challenge 2011 is excellent for this coming! The game perfectly conveys the sensation of speed and drive! The game is focused on online, but offline you can go.

Europa Universalis III  Chronicles-FANiSO
Europa Universalis III Chronicles-FANiSO
English | Developer and Publisher: Paradox Interactive | ESRB Rated: E10+ | ISO | 682 MB
Genres: Strategy

Containing the award winning epic strategy game Europa Universalis III where players take control of a nation and guide it through the ages to become a dominant global empire, Europa Universalis III Chronicles also contains the four expansions Napoleon's Ambition, In Nomine, Heir to the Throne and Divine Wind, a colossal package of historical Grand Strategy spanning the years 1399 to 1820.

Glowfish 1.2
Glowfish 1.2
Mac OS X | English | Puslisher: MumboJumbo | Developer: MumboJumbo | 67MB
Genre: Adventure

Iron Storm (Portable).

Iron Storm (Portable)
PC | Windows | EN | 4X Studios | 947 Mb
Genre: Historic First-Person Shooter

NASCAR Racing 2003 Season
NASCAR Racing 2003 Season
PC game | Genre: Stock Car Racing | Publisher: Sierra | 409 MB

VA - Dance Hits Vol.111 (2010)
VA - Dance Hits Vol.111 (2010)
Genre: Dance,Club | Release: 2010 | 1CD | MP3 | VBR kbps | 163 MB

Dead Island (RELOADED) by Kishan H  (PC/ENG/2011)

Dead Island (RELOADED) by Kishan H (PC/ENG/2011)
English | Platform: PC | Release: September 6, 2011 | Publisher: Deep Silver | Developer: Techland (Poland) | 5.47 GB
Genre: Action

Terror.Violence. Madness. Bedlam. A holiday paradise gone mad. A tropicalisland turns into total chaos after a mysterious zombie outbreak. Cutoff from the rest of the world, the players only chance to survive isto fight to the death and find a way to escape from the island.

DeadIsland combines first-person action with a heavy focus on melee combat,character development and customization of a vast array of weapons. Allof these gameplay features are presented in a dark story inspired byclassic zombie movies with a gritty and engrossing campaign that can beplayed with up to four players in co-op mode.

F1 Mania (MOD/ENG/2010)

F1 Mania (MOD/ENG/2010)
English | PC | Developer & Publisher: Electronic Arts | 748 MB
Genre: Racing / Simulator / Sport

Present all 6 types of rubber, which strongly differ in their properties from each other, As in the real Formula 1 Rubber Hard can withstand the full distance race Fuel tanks increased to 200 liters, which allows you to go without dozapravok!

Damnation (06-10-2010)

Damnation (06-10-2010)
Damnation | PC GAME | 8.18 GB
Genre: First-Person Shooter | Publisher: Codemasters | Developer: Blue Omega Entertainment

Evolution GT-  English - PC
Evolution GT l English l PC l Size 521MB

Evolution GT is a racing game that gives the player the opportunity to experience the life of a real racing driver, and the evolution of his alter ego throughout the course of his career. By choosing appropriate race tactics and driving styles, and placing well in the races, the player will grow in his ability to compete at an ever-higher level, gaining access to new racing cars as well as roadsters, coup?ƒAЁs and eventually dream cars such as the Bugatti EB110 and the Pagani Zonda. Races take place across Europe; from the beautiful landscapes of the Scottish Highlands and the Cote d'Azur to the monumental wonders of London and Barcelona, without missing out on famous racing venues such as Laguna Seca or Hockenheim.

Coldplay - Live 2012 (2012)
Coldplay - Live 2012 (2012)
Release: 2012 | Track: 15 | Format: MP3 CBR 320 Kbps | Size: 137 MB
Unknown Rip | Format: FLAC (Track) No Cue, No Log | Size: 467 MB
Genre: Rock, Indie Rock, Indie Pop | Label: Capitol

Stronghold 3 v.1.0.24037 (2011/MULTI2/Lossless Repack by RG Catalyst)

Stronghold 3 v.1.0.24037 (2011/MULTI2/Lossless Repack by RG Catalyst)
Year:2011 | PC Game | Eng Rus | Developer: Firefly Studios | Publisher: 7sixty | 3.38 GB
Genre: Strategy (Real-time) / 3D

Stronghold 3 - a new game in the series of real-time strategy Stronghold. Its main feature - the construction of locks - has been significantly improved, giving players unprecedented control over the layout of buildings. This allows them to create their own kingdoms according to their tactical plans. In addition, the game was introduced night of the siege, which significantly increases the number of different tactics, and adds several new features. The graphics engine allows you to examine in detail the building, and a physics engine adds the possibility of destruction of objects.

Oni Games Portable

Oni Games Portable

R-Type Portable
R-Type Portable
R-T.rar | 12.73 MB

The Legend of Heroes: Trails in The Sky  (PSP/ENG/2011)
The Legend of Heroes: Trails in The Sky (PSP/ENG/2011)
PSP | Developer: Nihon Falcom Corp. | 1.32 Gb
Genre: RPG

Inthe peaceful town of Rolent of the Liberl Kingdom, a young girl namedEstelle and her friend Joshua, who had been taken in by her family yearsearlier, prepare to take their first steps to join the legendary guildof the Bracers. Bracers are considered the peacekeepers and protectorsof order that owe allegiance to no country or government. In Liberltheir guild has flourished since a brief war some ten years prior afteran invasion from the Erebonian Empire to the north, and their effortshave made peace a lasting prospect.

The Fifth Gate [2010]

The Fifth Gate [2010]

Portable UK Truck Simulator 2010
Portable UK Truck Simulator 2010 | 358 MB

Faced with the lives of British contractor transportation you can visit all the major UK cities. You will need to make sure that you are making your delivery on time, keep your vehicle in good repair and check your fuel consumption. Create your own business and upgrade your vehicle to keep your business running efficiently and profitably. Do not miss the violation of traffic regulations, as they will be deducted from your income, and you know how expensive that can be!

AIO System Tools 2010
AIO System Tools 2010 | 3.47 GB

Well i split the content to 9 categories:
Anti-Spyware,Anti-Virus,Audio & Video,Browsers,Chat,Office,Other applications,p2p and system utilities

Zeit2  (2011/ENG/MULTI5)

Zeit2 (2011/ENG/MULTI5)

Onimusha 3: Demon Siege (PC/Rip/Eng)

Onimusha 3: Demon Siege (PC/Rip/Eng)

Game Platforme(s) : PC | Language : English | Release Date : Mar 16, 2006 | Publisher : Ubisoft | Developer : Capcom
Number of Players : 1 Player | ESRB : MATURE | Sound : Dolby Pro Logic II | Genre : Fantasy Action Adventure
Size : 465 Mb

Armored Fist 3
PC game | English | Genre: Tank Sim | 388 MB

As the task force commander for Armored Fist, your orders are clear - advance, engage and destroy the enemy. You control the worlds most advanced battle tank, the M1A2 Abrams. Considering this brutish armor plated beast bears over 1500 horsepower and a massively destructive 18 foot-long cannon, sometimes it almost seems too easy. Armored Fist 3 adds multi-player support, built-in Voice-Over-Net technology that allows players to talk to each online while playing the game and a new 32-bit Voxel Space graphics engine which allows more realistic terrain and effects.