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Zeit 2 Multi5-ALiAS

Zeit 2 MULTi4 RIP by TPTB (2010) | 237 Mb
Release: 06.02.2011 | PC | Developer : Brightside Games | Publisher : Ubisoft Entertainment | 274 MB
Language: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish
Genre: Action, Shooter

NY Times Best Seller Combined Print & E-Book June 19,2011
NY Times Best Seller Combined Print & E-Book June 19,2011
English | Collection Books | 70 Book | Epub,MOBI | 251.58 MB

Alot of romance books this week, most of which have been posted onDemonoid. Missing two fiction books also, so that ends of the streak ofcomplete fiction. As usualy, nonfiction is a bit slower on the releases.
If you see books throughout the week please post in comments.
Ifyou use a torrent client that uses auto rename, make sure to turn thatoff. I think Vuze is one. The naming format is designed so you donthave to download the same books each week.

The art of Seizing and Grappeling with Huang, Chien-Liang

The art of Seizing and Grappeling with Huang, Chien-Liang
English | 785.29 MiB | AVI | XVID | 1284 kbps - 29.970 fps | 720x536 | MP3 - 128 kbps
Genre: E-Learning
Wupload FileServe FileSonic UploadStation links - Single Extraction - No Password

Description: This video famous master Huang Chien-Liang (from Taiwan) shows the basics of Zinn. Nothing extraordinary, just a great education program, including preparatory exercises, the basic types of Zinn (effects on the fingers, wrist, elbow, shoulder, neck, waist and legs), and elementary methods for the release of the conquest. It is displayed correctly, with close-ups and distant accents.

68 Ebooks of Demystified
68 Ebooks of Demystified
English | Ebooks Collection | PDF | 325.51 MB


FIFA 11 (2011)-RELOADED (PC/ENG/2011)
English | Platform: PC | Publisher: Electronic Arts | Developer: EA Canada | 5.82 GB
Genres: Sports / Soccer

Play on until the final whistle with the 2011 edition of EA's officially-licensed FIFA game series. FIFA Soccer 11 delivers a true soccer experience with authentic club and leagues licenses and gameplay refinements and innovations that combine to create the complete soccer simulation. The physics-based, data-driven technology behind the EA Sports soccer engine has been optimized for PC. Experience unprecedented freedom on the pitch with individuality of player control and movement, sophisticated ball touches, and physical interaction between players.

Elite Forces: Navy SEALs(PC)
Elite Forces: Navy SEALs(PC)
PC game | Genre: First-Person Shooter | 184 MB

As an elite US Navy SEAL, you will tackle some of the toughest missions the military has to offer in the worlds hottest spots. You will infiltrate Iraq and chase down a fallen satellite that cannot be allowed to fall into Iraqi hands. You will infiltrate Bosnia and chase down a stolen nuclear warhead. Finaly, you will infiltrate North Korea to rescue two downed airmen. Along the way, you will encounter all sorts of enemies. Can you do the impossible?

DiRT Showdown (2012/multi2/RePack by SHARINGAN)

DiRT Showdown (2012/multi2/RePack by SHARINGAN)
2012 | PC | EnglisH /russian| Developer : Codemasters Racing Studio | Published by : Codemasters | 3.61GB
Genre : Racing

The famous racing festival is going on! DiRT Showdown the most colorful, fun and crazy race against time FlatOut 2! Legendary race format change: replace sports racing comes avtoderbi race to the bottom. You will participate in a grand show balloons, fireworks, cars of all colors, gnashing of twisted metal and tons of adrenaline! Improved damage model allows cars to turn enemies into a pile of scrap metal. Violence to opponents, destroying everything that prevents you from moving toward the goal, achieve a victory on the road by any means! No compromise! Gas in the floor and just go!

VA - Summer Dancing Hot 100 (2010)

VA - Summer Dancing Hot 100 (2010)
Genre: Dance, Club | Release: 2010 | 1CD | MP3 | 256 kbps | 907 MB

Scorpions - The Platinum Collection (2005)
Scorpions - The Platinum Collection (2005)
3CDs | Release: 2005 | EAC Rip | FLAC(image+cue+log) | Covers | 1.55 GB
Genre: Rock & Hard Rock | Label: EMI

Movie.ZinOne.Com Download Fiml DVD HD 18+ Game Sex RepeLay 18

Movie.ZinOne.Com Download Fiml DVD HD 18+ Game Sex RepeLay 18

Movie.ZinOne.Com Download Fiml DVD HD 18+ Game Sex RepeLay 18

Rage *UPD* 2011 RIP by CDMan
Rage *UPD* 2011 RIP by CDMan
Genre: Action (Shooter) | Platform: PC | Language: EN-RU | 12.6 GiB

Description: When humanity was threatened with destruction from the collision of Earth with a giant asteroid, the leaders of all nations decided to create a special ark, in which elected would have found refuge deep beneath the surface of the planet ... They have to revive life on Earth, after the danger has passed. You got a favorite.
Years after the disaster arks were opened, and you find yourself in a world that is very different from before. But most importantly - not all of its residents are looking forward to your return. You have to learn to fight and survive. Remember, time is very small - the bandits, mutants and even the local government is already going on your next

Metal Fatigue Final

Metal Fatigue
PC game | Genre: Strategy | 103 MB

Farm Racer (2011/DE/PC) - apple

Farm Racer (2011/DE/PC) - apple
Farm Racer (2011/DE/PC)
Year: 2011 | PC Game | English | Publisher: UIG GmbH | Publisher: UIG GmbH | 369 mb
Genre: Arcade, Simulator

iPhone App Mega Pack  -  FANO

iPhone App Mega Pack - FANO | 9.19 GB
Genre: Application

FIles only work on Jailbroken Phones Or pads .

All the hits of the European dance 8 (2010)

All the hits of the European dance 8 (2010)

Genre: Pop, Dance | 200 tracks |MP3 128 kbps |673.13 MB

Ebooks For Dummies Collection

Ebooks For Dummies Collection
English | Collection Books | 209 Total Books | PDF | 2.57 GB

I'm thinking it might be interesting for everyone to comment on which books you are actually downloading or "d/l them all".

VA - Pacha Ibiza Summer (2010)-kid

VA - Pacha Ibiza Summer (2010)
2CD | Release: 10.07.2010 | MP3 VBR kbps | 227 MB
Genre: Tech House, Progressive House, Deep House

[PC] Cubology v1.21.3 - ENG

[PC] Cubology v1.21.3 - ENG | 9 MB | 1 Link

Cubology is an exciting arcade/puzzle game featuring true 3D gameplay.
Choose between two game modes, designed to match your mood. Clear incoming mineral cubes in the hectic arcade mode or solve problem levels in the challenging puzzle mode.

Hidden  Mysteries: Notre  Dame ( 2011/DE )

Hidden Mysteries: Notre Dame (2011/DE)
Year:2011 | PC Game | Developer: Game Mill Entertainment | Publisher: Astragon Software GmbH | 218.92 Mb
Genre: Hidden Object / Quest

Onthe game: New adventure fiction from Gunnar Games and Game MillEntertainment, who will not get bored for a second! You will take partin the investigation of the mysterious disappearance of the walls of theCathedral of Notre Dame, one of the great shrines of Christendom - thecrown of thorns. The head of the Paris police charged you a well-knownto the investigator, this is a very complicated matter. Use your skillsto find hidden objects and solving a puzzle of all possible to find arelic before its too late. A well-designed plot will leave no oneindifferent!

[PC] M.U.D. TV - ENG

[PC] M.U.D. TV - ENG | 789 MB | 1 Link

Welcome to M.U.D. TV - Mad, Ugly, Dirty Television!
Step into the shoes of a budding television magnate as you realize your dream of global domination through modern mass communication in this tongue-in-cheek take on running a television empire.

VA - I Love Jazz - (2011)
VA - I Love Jazz - (2011)
Label: Wagram | MP3 VBRkbps | 355:20 min | 5 CDs | 416.22 Mb
Genre: Jazz

Eco Tycoon: Project Green

Eco Tycoon: Project Green - NN

Eco Tycoon: Project Green
PC game | ValuSoft | Genre: Modern City-Building | 240 MB

Stranglehold (2007/Multi5/RIP by KaPiTaL SiN)

Stranglehold (2007/Multi5/RIP by KaPiTaL SiN)
Year: 2007 l Platform: PC l Language: Multilanguage l Developer: Midway l Publisher: Midway l 1.59 GB
Genre: Action (Shooter) / 3D / 3st Person

Strangleholdis John Woos first foray into videogames. Whether Woo was intimatelyinvolved in guiding Stranglehold or more of a watchful father, hisinfluence can be felt in every frame. Midway has managed to capture theessence of a Woo film ” in some ways more than Woo has over the pastdecade. You get everything a fan could ask for: excessive gunplay,heavily-stylized cinematic moments, melodrama, slow-motion dives,dual-fisted pistols, and, of course, doves aplenty. Some have calledWoos films a beautiful ballet of violence. Stranglehold is less balletand more a mosh pit of bullets¦

Slime Army v1.0
Slime Army v1.0 | 31.25 MB

One day in the peaceful Slime World, the King of Monsters commanded his gigantic army to attack the Slimes, and forced them into slavery! Take on the role of Colonel Slime and use a powerful Slime Army to defeat the invading monsters and bring the peace back to the Slime world in this fun and exciting Match 3 game! Play through tons of levels and summon forth special Slimes with unique abilities and powers. Can you stop the evil King of Monsters?

Hegemony  Gold: Wars of Ancient Greece v1.5.3.20077- THETA   (2011/PC/ENG)
Hegemony Gold: Wars of Ancient Greece v1.5.3.20077- THETA (2011/PC/ENG)
Year: 23.06.2011 | Language: English | PC | Developer: Longbow Digital | Publisher: Longbow Digital Arts | 201MB
Genre: Historic Real-Time Strategy

Theancient Greeks crafted for themselves a world like no other, a worldwhere each city had its own unique “ and often fantastic “ culture. Fromthe Spartans, a culture built on a foundation of slavery, a culturethat “ with no need to earn a living “ had dedicated themselves to theideals of physical perfection, and ironically espoused the virtues offreedom; to the Athenians, a nation of unparalleled art and architecture“ the likes of which, even today,