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FXPansion BFD Deluxe Collection DVDR
FXPansion BFD Deluxe Collection DVDR
5DVD | DVD1: 4.17GB | DVD2: 4.17GB | DVD: 3.95GB | DVD4: 4.06GB | DVD5: 4.24GB

BFD Deluxe Collection is an expansion pack for FXpansion's BFD premium acoustic drum module. Unparalleled in its detail and recording quality, the Deluxe Collection was tracked at Steve Albini's Electrical Audio studio facility in Chicago. The pack contains some of the most celebrated drums and cymbals of all time, recorded at up to 128 velocity layers in extreme detail.

Thunderball (1965) m-hd 550mb

Movie info:
[Movie Title ]……….[ thunderball

[Release Year ]………[ 1965

[Imdb Rating ]……….[ 7.0/10

[Size ]……….[ 550mb

[Format ]……….[ MKV

[Genre ]…………….[ action | adventure | thriller

James Bond continues on his fourth mission, with his aim to recover two stolen warheads. They have been taken by the evil SPECTRE organisation. The world is held hostage and Bond heads to Nassau. Here, he meets the beautiful Domino and is forced into a thrilling confrontation with SPECTRE agent Emilio Largo, on board his boat, the Disco Volante. Will 007 prevent the killing of millions of innocent victims?.

The Least Among You (2009/DVDRip) XviD-VoMiT

The Least Among You (2009/DVDRip) XviD-VoMiT
DVDRip XviD-VoMiT | AVI | English | 1h 37min | 700 MB | 640x272 | XVID - 870kbps | MP3 - 128kbps
Genre: Biography | Drama

Inspired by a true story about a black college graduate forced to serve probation after the 1965 Watts riots at an all-white seminary that wants black followers not leaders. Encouraged by the seminary president, Alan Beckett, to break the color line while Prof. Kate Allison, the former missionary, remains skeptical and aloof, Richard Kelly nears the breaking point when he meets Samuel, an elderly ex-alcoholic janitor who lives in the basement of his dormitory. As Samuel guides Richard through the trials of racism and the personal life haunts him, he undergoes a transformation that forces him to choose between his dreams and his destiny.

Iron Grip Warlord: Winter Offensive V1.1(PC/ENG)
Iron Grip Warlord: Winter Offensive V1.1(PC/ENG)
English | PC | Developer/Publish : Isotx | 243 Mb
Genre: Action / Shooter / Tower Defense / 3D

This toy consists of a rattling mix of first-person shooter and strategy style TD (Tower Defense). You must protect your headquarters from the attacking troops of the confederation. The forces of the confederation composed of infantry, with different weapons, tanks, combat robots and pumped officers are rewarded with a unique murder weapon and a strong blow to the morale of the enemy. At the heart of your defense is "Energy" which build ip in and of itself, and is given for killing enemies. This energy can be spent on purchasing new weapons and "pump" itself (the button M), as well as to build traps, defensive structures and their upgrades (key G). The losers would be considered a party whose streak of morality is completely exhausted. Mow down the enemy's morale can be mass shootings and murder offitserov. Your same morality decreases also due to the massacres and Spooky without staff, but staff can be reconstructed.

Shaolin- (2011) TS - 350 Mb
Shaolin- (2011) TS - 350 Mb

mkv | 352 x 240 | 90 min | Country: Hong Kong | Language: Mandarin
IMDb | Video Trailer
Genres: Action | Drama

Plot :China is plunged into strife as feuding warlords try to expand their power by warring over neighboring lands. Fuelled by his success on the battlefield, young and arrogant Hao Jie sneers at Shaolin's masters when he beats one of them in a duel. But the pride comes before a fall. When his own family is wiped out by a rival warlord, Hao is forced to take refuge with the monks. As the civil unrest spreads and the people suffer, Hao and the Shaolin masters are forced to take a fiery stand against the evil warlords. They launch a daring plan or rescue and escape.

Bheegi Raat (1965) DVDRip XviD  Hindi

Bheegi Raat (1965) DVDRip XviD Hindi
English | 155 Min | 640 x 360 | XviD - 495Kbps | 25.000fps | MP3 - 112Kbps | 688 MB
Genre: Drama

Asgard – Dark Horizons (1988)
Asgard – Dark Horizons (1988)
16 Tracks | 74 Min | MP3 320kbps | CBR 44,1kHz | 170 MB
Genre: Heavy/ Power Metal

Warlord of Mars #1-3 (2010)

Warlord of Mars #1-3 (2010)
English | 3 Issues x 32 Pages | CBR | 65.2 MB

Xurge3D Mega collection
Xurge3D Mega collection

Bran Nue Dae 2009 720p BluRay x264-PFa

Bran Nue Dae 2009 720p BluRay x264-PFa
720p by PFa | MKV | English | 1h 24min | 1280x720 | x264 - 6750kbps | AC3 - 640kbps | 4.37 GB
Genre: Comedy | Drama | Musical

In the Summer of 1965 a young man is filled with the life of the idyllic old pearling port Broome - fishing, hanging out with his mates and his girl. However his mother returns him to the religious mission for further schooling. After being punished for an act of youthful rebellion, he runs away from the mission on a journey that ultimately leads him back home.

The Girl Next Door (2007) DVDRip XviD - TFE
The Girl Next Door (2007) DVDRip XviD - TFE
Language: English
91 Min | 576 x 320 | 928Kbps | 23.976fps | MP3 - 128Kbps | 695 MiB
Genre: Crime | Drama | Thriller

Based on Jack Ketchums novel with the same title, which is based on the true story of Sylvia Likens, who was tortured and killed in 1965 in Indiana.Based on the Jack Ketchum novel of the same name, The Girl Next Door follows the unspeakable torture and abuses committed on a teenage girl in the care of her aunt...and the boys who witness and fail to report the crime.

Janis Joplin - Blow All My Blues Away (9 CD Boxset) (1962-1970)
Janis Joplin - Blow All My Blues Away (9 CD Boxset) (1962-1970)
Genre: Blues Rock, Hard Rock | 9CD | Release: 1962-1970 | MP3 192 kbps | 834 MB

This set of archival recordings lets us witness the formation of arguably the most powerful and expressive voice in rock history. From the earliest known performances in the small bars of Texas to the first sessions with Big Brother to her mesmerizing live shows, Janis never left behind her raw roots. She drew upon them to impel emotional performances as if by exposing her pain she gained power over her past and transformed it into a gift. In these newly sourced pearls, we can hear as never before the birth and fast burning flame of Janis Joplin.

The Beatles - The Empire Strikes Back (2010) (CD+ Bonus DVD)
The Beatles - The Empire Strikes Back (2010) (CD+ Bonus DVD)
EAC Rip | 65 tracks | FLAC (tracks) - Log - Cue | Cover Scans | Release: 2010 | 870 MB
Genre: Rock | Thanks for Hobinail Collected Works 2010 | HF +FS

Johnny Young - Chicago Blues (1993)
Johnny Young - Chicago Blues (1993)
Genre: Blues | 20 tracks | Release: 1993 | Label: Arhoolie | MP3 320 kbps | 153 MB

Commando (1985) BDRip x264_WOC

Commando (1985) BDRip x264

English | 01:27:14 | 400x192 | MP$V - 326Kbps | 29.97fps | AAC - 82Kbps | 257MB
Genre: Action | Adventure | Comedy | Thriller

Lord Of War (2005) PROPER DVDRip XviD-ESPiSE

Lord Of War (2005) PROPER DVDRip XviD-ESPiSE
English | XviD 624x256 24fps | MP3 183kbps | 2h 2min | 1.37GB
Genre: Action / Crime / Drama / Thriller

VA - Berghain 01-06 (2005-2012)
VA - Berghain 01-06 (2005-2012)
Genre: Techno, Tech House, Minimal | 6CD | MP3 320 kbps | 1016 MB

VA - A Complete Collection of Every UK Number 1 Single No 1

VA - A Complete Collection of Every UK Number 1 Single No 1's (1953 to 2010)
1152 Tracks | Release: 1953-2010 | MP3 192-320kbps | VBR 44.1 Khz | Stereo | 4.2 GB
Genre: Pop | Rock | Dance | Trance | Rap | Classical | R&B ...

All Uk Number 1's from 1953 To 2010 on BBC Radio 1

The Carpenters - The  Essential Collection (2002) (4CD Box Set) FLAC
The Carpenters - The Essential Collection (2002) (4CD Box Set) FLAC
EAC Rip | 4CD | FLAC - Log - Cue | Covers | 1.56 GB
Genre: Pop

Commando (1985)  m720p BluRay x264-Walker

Commando (1985) m720p BluRay x264-Walker
Matroska | 2.106 GiB | 1280x688 | AVC @ 2 700 Kbps | English | AC3 @ 640 Kbps - 6 channels | 1h 30mn
Genre: Action | Adventure

Aretired special agent named John Matrix led an elite unit and has leftthe armed forces to live in a secluded mountain home with his daughterJenny. But now he is forced out of retirement when his daughter iskidnapped by a band of thugs intent on revenge! Unbeknownst to Matrix,the members of his former unit are being killed one by one. Even thoughMatrix friend General Franklin Kirby gives Matrix armed guards,attackers manage to kidnap Matrix and Jenny. Matrix learns that Bennett,a former member of his Matrix unit who was presumed dead has kidnappedhim to try to force Matrix to do a political assassination for a mancalled Arius (who calls himself El Presidente), a warlord formerlybested by Matrix who wishes to lead a military coup in his home country.Since Arius will have Jenny killed if Matrix refuses, Matrixreluctantly accepts the demand.

 Doctor Zhivago 1965 720p BRRip x264-x0r

Doctor Zhivago (1965)
3h 20mn | 1280x528 | MKV AVC - 4173 Kbps | 23.98 fps | DTS - 1509 Kbps 6CH 48 KHz | 7.95 GiB
Language: English | Genre: Drama, History, Romance | Subtitles: English

Lara inspires lechery in Komarovsky (her mother's lover who is a master at surviving whoever runs Russia) and can't compete with passion for the revolution of the man she marries, Pasha.

VA - 100 Greatest Guitar Songs Of All Time

VA - 100 Greatest Guitar Songs Of All Time
Genre: Instrumental, Guitar | 100 Tracks | MP3 | VBR | 934 MB

Mini Ninjas (2009) (PC)

Your name is Hiro, and you are the last Ninja that anyone would expect to save the world. Yet that is exactly what you are called to do when an Evil Samurai Warlord hatches a plan bent on total world domination. Armed with authentic ninja weapons and powerful spells, Hiro must lead his small band of Mini Ninjas on an exciting journey to battle the magical army of twisted Samurai.

Play as one of 6 mini ninjas as you ride the rapids of the Great Central River, walk into the heart of the Lost Volcano and finally confront the Samurai Warlord in his Evil Fortress of Doom, restoring the balance of nature to the world.

District 9 (2009)

District 9 (2009) | 728 MB

In March 1982, a large alien mothership comes to Earth, hovering motionless above Johannesburg, South Africa. Reports suggest that the craft became stranded after a command module separated from it and dropped to Earth. After three months, a team breaks into the ship, discovering a group of over a million arthropod-like extraterrestrials (apparently leaderless), who are then given refuge on Earth. The aliens, derogatorily referred to as "prawns", are confined to a government camp inside Johannesburg called District 9. The camp is secured with a massive police presence, and it soon turns into a slum.

Heston's Feasts - Season 1
Heston's Feasts - Season 1
English | 5xTVRip | AVI / XviD, ~900 kb/s | 624x352 | MP3, 128 kb/s (2 ch) | 2.11 GB
Genre: elearning

In each episode, Heston's Feasts explores a period of extraordinary gastronomic innovation; recreating unknown recipes, discovering forgotten flavours and ingredients and traveling to remote areas to source unusual foods. His culinary quest takes him through Victorian Britain and Tudor England to the Medieval era and Ancient Rome.