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Spider-Man 3 (2007) 720p x264 BRRip XviD-DMZBluRay | 1280x534 | 23.976 fps | 2.40:1 | x264 | 2300 kbps | English | AC3 | 6CH | 384 kbps | 140 min | 2.61 Gb
Genre roi kiaGenre: Action | Thriller

Everything is lining up great for peter he has finally got the love of his life Mary Jane Watson to marry him. But one night when the strange meteor crash's it clangs on to peter bonding him with an alien symbiote suit. This changes peter once the symbiote is attached by to him he changes his life around.Once he finds out his uncle's real killer is still alive who's Flint Marko/sandman he seeks revenge as his ex best friend harry Osborn becomes the new goblin and peter deals with Eddie Brock. Once peter realizes that he is doing everything wrong he decides only one way you can make it right by getting rid of the alien symbiote suit by riping it off witch eventually leads to the birth of venom. peter now faces all the darkest demons as he also tries to win back Mary Jane Watson.

Trigger Point Therapy for Myofascial Pain: The Practice of Informed Touch
ISBN: 1594770549 | 2005 | EPUB/MOBI | 188 pages | 9MB

Donna Finando, Steven Finando, "Trigger Point Therapy for Myofascial Pain: The Practice of Informed Touch". A clinical reference manual for the evaluation and treatment of muscle pain Contains detailed illustrations of pain patterns and trigger-point locations 15,000 copies sold in first hardcover editionMyofascial pain syndromes are among the fastest growing problems that physicians, osteopaths, acupuncturists, and physical, occupational, and massage therapists encounter in their patients.

Medical Books Collection

Medical Books Collection
English | 68 Books | PDF | Genre: Educational Ebooks, Medical Texts | 768 MB

VA Halo Effect Compiled By DJ Mitra 2010

It is a fine journey through psychedelic music made by international known artists and some new talents. Starting with some fluffy and groovy sounds the soundscape goes through the deeper and darker side of psychedelic trance. This is a must have for all psytrance lovers and it will surely kick asses Enjoy

1. Flooting Grooves Oscillation Blues (07:46)
2. Ajja Vs Flooting Grooves Beatstalk (07:47)
3. Ajja Groove Tube (07:34)
4. Smoke Ship Vs Whiptongue Vs Fungoloydz Cannonball Tree (06:57)
5. Bombax Hollywoodkids (07:18)
6. Spyrallus Obey The Giant (07:10)
7. Antagon Eat The Beat (07:21)
8. Noise Gust Vs Conxion Fair Drugs (08:21)
9. Digitalist Meet Ya Soul (07:41)
10. Nyama Mental Massage (06:55)

Release Name: VA_-_Halo_Effect-Compiled_By_DJ_Mitra-2010-UPE
Genre: Psychedelic
Album: Insoluble
Quality: 128kbps avg
Size: 111 MB

Collection of Military Training
Collection of Military Training
English | 110+ eBooks | PDF DOC TXT | 562.93 MB
Genre: Ebook Collection

Margie Hare - Aromatherapy Massage DVD
Margie Hare - Aromatherapy Massage DVD | 693 MB

Essential Massage and Aromatherapy – Instructional Video Tutorial

Essential Massage and Aromatherapy – Instructional Video Tutorial
AVI | English | XviD - 23fps - 640x480 | AC3 192kbps | 300 MB
Genre: Documentary

Massage and Aromatherapy have been recognized as healing aids for thousands of years. Everyone living and coping with today’s life can find that stress levels make relaxation difficult or impossible. Massage combined with aromatherapy can be used to alleviate the symptoms of stress, tension and fatigue. This program covers techniques of massage, the use of oils and blending. This instructional program is set to a beautiful Mediterranean backdrop.

VA - Cafe Lounge (2013)
VA - Cafe Lounge (2013)
Release: 2013 | Track: 55 | Format: MP3 CBR 320 Kbps | Size: 716 MB
Genre: Downtempo, Lounge, ChillOut | Label: Future Sonic Media

VA - Go Minimal (2011)

VA - Go Minimal (2011)
Genre: Tech House | 320 kbps | 32 tracks | 208:28 min | 523 MB

Primal Pictures: Anatomy of the Spine DVD 1.0

Primal Pictures: Anatomy of the Spine DVD 1.0 | 828.8 mb
Genre: Graphics & Design

Providingover 500 anatomical structures of the spine in 3D, this DVD-Rom is agreat reference and patient education resource for practitioners in manyspecialties.

Women's Health India - July-August 2014
Women's Health India - July-August 2014
English | 126 pages | True PDF | 40.3 Mb

Issue Description
Highlights of Womens Health India magazine dated July-August 2014: The Womens Health July-August 2014 issue has the feisty Parineeti Chopra on the cover, wearing a form-fitting New Look dress and Isharya ring. In our cover story, she talks about her career change from marketeer to actor, her love for food and how she dropped 16 kg to get her current fab figure. Its also the Big Sex Issue and we get between the sheets with our readers! See how you stack up against the 1,200+ women who took the WH Sex Survey. Get a grip on his stick, delve into guys minds to know their deepest, darkest secrets, learn to give a sensuous massage and shop your shape for sexy nightwear. Plus, we tell you how to sculpt a tight tush. The issue is out on the stands. Go get some sexpiration now!

Tantra: Sexiual Extasy and Sex Magic

Tantra: Sexiual Extasy and Sex Magic

Tantra: Sexiual Extasy and Sex Magic

Pord - Valparaiso
Pord - Valparaiso
Bitrate: MP3 / V0 (VBR) / WEB | Duration: 36:31 | Size: 72 mb
Genre: under 2000 listeners,metal,hardcore

Secrets of Hypnotic Success

Secrets of Hypnotic Success
DVD-Rip (11 DVD's) | AVI | XviD @ 2 Mbit/s | 592x448 | MP3 Stereo @ 128 Kbit/s 48 KHz | 17 Hours | 12.4 GB
Language: English | PDF & Audio CD's Included
Genre: Hypnosis, Hypnotic Marketing, NLP

Buy the new 11-disk Hypnotic Marketing DVD set (with bonus CD-ROM) and learn Mind Therapy methods and Hypnotic Business Expansion techniques which are guaranteed to give you financial and professional success. World-renowned master of hypnotism Jonathan Royle is offering this DVD set which will teach you effective Mind Therapy methods that you can use to generate more profits for your business. You can even use these methods in tandem with any business that involves complementary treatments. These techniques are particularly suitable for people who are involved with hypnotherapy, stage-hypnotism, herbalism, massage, aromatherapy, acupuncture, meridian therapy, life coaching, NLP, and psychic reading. Indeed, any business will benefit from the techniques taught on this set.

Magic Michael Kent - repAIR
(Magic) Michael Kent - repAIR
eLearning | 233.46 MB

Imagine it: You walk up to a group of people. After asking for one of the girls numbers and being rejected, you pull out a balloon from your pocket and begin to inflate it. You remove a pencil from your pocket and pop the balloon, scaring the crap out of the girl (whom you are probably too good for anyway) and she begins to cry. Lets face it: theres nothing worse than a crying girl. You immediately start to massage the broken balloon pieces until they fuse together, allowing you to blow the balloon up once again. She gives you her number, but you dont call because shes been with all your friends. You instead make a fart noise with the balloon and put it back into your pocket - she doesnt deserve it.

Pleasure Mechanics - gc

Pleasure Mechanics - gc
Pleasure Mechanics
English | mov | 480 x 360 | 29.97 Fps | AAC 48000 Hz | 616 mb
Genre : Learning

Stan Helsing (2009) DVDRip XviD-DMZ
DVD | XviD | 640x352 | 23.976 fps | 943 kbps | English | MP3 | 130 kbps | 90 mins | 700 Mb
Genre: Comedy | Horror

It’s Halloween night, and slacker video clerk Stan Helsing along with his insanely sexy ex-girlfriend, best buddy and an exotic dancer/massage therapist’ (Desi Lydic) detours into a town cursed by the biggest monsters in movie history: Freddy (A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET), Jason (FRIDAY THE 13TH), Pinhead (HELLRAISER), Leatherface (THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE), Chucky (CHILDS PLAY), & Michael Myers (HALLOWEEN). But when Stan discovers that hes a direct descendant of the legendary monster hunter Van Helsing, the four will have to survive a night of hell raisers, hockey masks, psycho dolls, pleather faces, creepy hitchhikers, vampire strippers, killer karaoke, and lots of hot chicks kissing each other. The one and only Leslie Nielsen of AIRPLANE! and THE NAKED GUN co-stars in this hysterical horror spoof written and directed by one of the guys who brought you SCARY MOVIE.

Red Hot Touch (5 DVD & Bonuses)
Red Hot Touch (5 DVD & Bonuses)
English | 720x416 | XviD | 29.97fps 1310kbps | MP3 182kbps | 2.51GB
Genre: Documentary

Say "yes" to an amazing, more fulfilling sex life. This beautiful DVD series will teach you how to use touch to inspire deep pleasure. Be aroused by Jaiya's sensual voice as she guides you through 5 DVDs each designed to take you further into enjoyment as you learn erogenous zones, genital massage for both men and women, anal massage and erotic touch for sexual positions. This DVD series is based on RED HOT TOUCH the book and was shot in high definition video, bringing detailed vibrancy to an educational odyssey of sensuality and passion designed to make you and your partner ultimate lovers. You can purchase each DVD individually or the total package of all 5 DVDs.

3D - Anatomy Trains
3D Anatomy Trains | 1.88 GB

The'Anatomy Trains' is a revolutionary way of analyzing soft-tissuepatterns, and developing strategies for unwinding these patterns viafascial and myofascial work. Using the metaphor of train lines, TomMyers explains how patterns of strain communicate through themyofascial 'webbing', contributing to postural compensation andmovement stability.

The Lovers' Guide 8: Sex Play

The Lovers' Guide 8: Sex Play
AVI | English | XviD - 23fps - 640x480 | AC3 192kbps | 700 MB
Genre: Documentary

Does your love life need a makeover? Do you want maximum excitement between the sheets? Now its time to make the change with this fantastic new guide to a better love life. Sex Play includes a wealth of ideas and techniques on kissing, fun with toys, massage, stripping and oral sex. Developing your own sexual skills will not only revitalise your own interest in and enjoyment of sex but those of your partner too. The Lovers Guide - Sex Play has been specially devised by the Worlds best known sex experts to make you totally at ease with yourself, your partner and the most natural and important enjoyment there is.your love life!

The Ultimate Sexual Massage - (DVD)

The Ultimate Sexual Massage - (DVD)
DVD | Language: English | 720x576, MPEG 4046 Kbps | AC-3 192 Kbps | 70 Mins | 3.42 GB
Genre: Elearning

The art of sexual touch. From the Alexander Institute Loving Sex series, ranked Best by Mens Health Magazine. This program begins where other massage programs leave off. Follow Tina and Al as they learn from a more experienced couple how to attain new heights of sensual and sexual pleasure. Master erotic massage techniques that will improve intimacy in your relationship. Locate and stimulate the G-spot, and completely awaken all the senses. This program is the best step-by-step guide to women s and men s full body and genital massage. Features optional Spanish, French and German audio and menus. -Find new erogenous zones -Locate and stimulate the G-spot -Unique intervaginal video -Massage as lovemaking -Explicit genital massage

Medical Ebooks Collection

Medical Ebooks Collection
English | 68 Books | PDF | Genre: Educational Ebooks, Medical Texts | 768 MB

68 medical books

RNB Sh@kes Vol.6 (2010)

Artist: VA / Album: R & B Sh @ kes Vol.6 / Released: 2010
Genre: R & B, Soul / Tracks: 24 /Quality: 320 kbps
Size: 202 mb

Anne Hooper - Great Sex Guide

Anne Hooper - Great Sex Guide | 22.4 MB

Great Sex Guide
Publisher: Dorling Kindersley | ISBN: 0751307041 | PDF | 240 pages | 22.4 MB

Big Massage Collection Pack 1
Big Massage Collection Pack 1
XVID | English | 720x480 | AVI | 29.970 fps 997 kbps | MP3 160 kbps | 1.7 GB
Genre: eLearning